Tuesday, October 4, 2011

you're searching for what?!

It's always fun to look through Google Analytics to see what keywords people were searching for that led them to my blog. By far the most popular searches were:

DIY iPad case (yup, I've got that)
sunflower fields (I did go to one this summer)
homemade burger buns (yup, got those, too)
Antietam Battlefield (I recommend checking out the luminary in December)
iGiveCards (I design greeting cards for them)
messy hair (oh yeah, I've definitely got that)

There are also a lot of searches for me: Funnelcloud Rachel, funnelcloud blog, etc, and even Larry and Gravy have gotten some love with funnelcloud blog larry (I told him he's famous!) and funnelcloud gravy dog blog. As for those of you searching for actual information on tornadoes and funnel clouds (for example someone searched for how fast is a funnel cloud?), my apologies - while my house looks like it is the victim of a natural disaster, I have no scientific information on funnel clouds here. Maybe try Wikipedia?

With the above searches, it's obvious as to which of my posts caused it to be a hit. But for a lot of other search terms that show up in my analytics...well, I have no clue as to how these terms led people to my blog...or why people were searching for them in the first place.

Things that make me go hmmmmm...

angry birds punch art
I'm imagining an enraged flock of seagulls kicking the shit out of a Monet.

holy crap this branch is amazing
Are there really any branches out there so amazing that they justify the use of "holy crap"? We are talking about a piece of a tree, right?

bad dog room/dogs destroyed room/room full of bad dogs
Evidently, my pups are getting a bad reputation on the internet. Fortunately, I do not have a "room full of bad dogs", just a pair of them who sometimes shred paper, kill squirrels, steal veggies, lick butter, and make high pitched squeaking sounds at 4 am.

difference between bun and burger
Did you really make it to adulthood without understanding this concept? I think I can clear it up though: A bun is bread. A burger is meat.

do ear tags hurt cows ears
I'm guessing it does hurt when they pierce the cow's ear. Have I ever even mentioned cows here before? Or cow ears? Sort of related: Gravy has tattoos in his ears from when he was a racer.

dried up fruit
Yuck. Have I shared my feelings on raisins before? Because I think they're dead grapes and they are gross.

demon bird art
First angry birds, now demon birds - yikes! But Larry did draw a demon bird. And he just said "See, I'm generating content for you!" Thanks babe, for bringing all the demon bird lovers to my blog.

bits and druthers
I really have no idea how this phrase led to my blog, but I think it's funny.

cookies on fire pit
Holy awesome! If you try this, please invite me over.

man vs. chicken
Well, say, there's an idea for a blog post...maybe even a video blog! Larry, want to fight a chicken?
(You were probably very disappointed if you were searching for man vs. chicken and you landed here only to find (wo)man vs. chicken(wing). Ha!)

potato butt pics
What?! Who in their right mind would post potato butt pictures?! Oh wait...me.

men with krusty the clown hair
Mwahahahaha! Yup, we've got that here and his name is Larry.

personal resulations
Here's a personal "resulation" for you: Learn how to spell resolutions. Maybe you can try for it in 2012.

photo cutter my head
No, don't do it!

im not hairy
Shoot - I am. Though only on my head. For all other hairy body parts, I recommend shaving or waxing.

insomnia wine/poser rum
Insomnia wine?! Dude, where can I get some? Ok, I have tried wine for insomnia before, and it didn't really work for me. No clue on the "poser rum."

pile of paper dog
Paper dogs? Huh?

ulnar nerve humor
Ok, what kind of dorks are searching for this? But yeah, we've got that. The same post is evidently responsible for the people searching for gimp hand 4chan, gimp hand art, and gimp plump hand.

used RVs with beds that rockstars sleep in
I get a lot of searches for modern RV interiors - I guess because we went to the RV show. There were definitely no rock stars there. Rednecks and senior citizens, yes...rock stars, no.

its a bird and a fruit
I don't think it can be both. Oh wait! A kiwi is a bird and a fruit. Yay, trivia!

guilty pleasure embarrassing alcoholic shots
Oh boy, is my blog becoming Girls Gone Wild?

spider cinnamon rolls
Spiders are not an ingredient in any cinnamon rolls I've ever tasted. At least I hope not. (Cinnabon! Now with more spiders!) And I highly suggest against using any arachnids or insects in your baked goods.


Sarah Rosemary said...

Ha, ha, I particularly love the "bad dog" comment ;) Belle says a little butter mixed with paper is good for dogs! :)

Lauren Margaret said...

HAHAHAHAHA! "do ear tags hurt cows ears" - omgosh. I'm laughing so hard right now!

Beth said...

I think some of those searches came from me. I have your blog bookmarked at home, but I wanted to share your 'sunflower field' with a co-worker and could not think of the name of the blog at all. I might also be adding to the 'bad dogs" and 'gravy' searches. ;o)

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

No worries, Beth - LOTS of people have landed here searching for sunflower fields (in fact, I've even gotten some e-mails about it) - and I also think it's interesting what people remember as the major themes of my blog. (Just as long as you know the difference between a bun and a burger...)

Thanks for reading and for sharing my blog!

ashleyTIA said...

hahahaha! Oh man. Such great stuff. Sadly almost all of mine are "Harry Potter snuggie." ;)

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Oh Ashley, I just had to go to your blog and search for "Harry Potter Snuggie" and I must say, you look adorable!

Michael - Innkeeper said...

this is too awesome! i'm going to check mine out too! haha. so funny!

Karen Travels said...

This made me belly laugh so hard the baby kicked me!!