Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DIY iPad case

DIY iPad case
When I got my iPad, I assumed that I'd get one of those nifty folding smart covers - it both protects the screen and folds into a stand. It's magnetic! It comes in pretty colors! It costs $40 (polyurethane) or $70 (leather). Zoiks!

Now, I still probably would've paid that considering I got the iPad for free, and my new gadget was worth protecting. However, then I read that the smart covers stain easily, the color rubs off, and they don't hold up. So I decided to search for other options.
DIY iPad case
My problem with covers/cases for electronics, particularly ones for Apple products (that aren't designed by Apple), is that they're ugly. I really don't understand buying an iPhone or iPod (which let's face it, part of the appeal of Apple products is that they're beautifully designed) and then covering it up with some bulky fugly cheapo protective case that looks like it's made of old tires. No thanks. When my iPhone is not in use, I keep it in a simple gadget cozy that I got on Etsy. And when I'm using it? It's naked.
DIY iPad case
So, I had similar criteria when looking for an iPad case: Don't fugly up my sexy new toy. Protect it with something simple and sleek when it's not in use.

And there are some options for attractive handmade cases on Etsy. But I decided it would be easier and way cheaper to make one myself. At least, I hoped it would be. My sewing abilities are amateur at best. I like to sew and I've been teaching myself over the past year (a new electronic sewing machine has made this endeavor much easier!), but I've given myself the following restrictions:

1. Only sew straight lines.
2. Do not sew anything that is to be worn by a human being.

Successfully completed sewing projects have included: pillows, garlands, Christmas ornaments, and hemming my pants. (I guess pants are technically an article of clothing to be worn by a human - me - but it wasn't like I was sewing the pants from scratch. Just simple alterations. Though I do know how to sew a blind hem, which I'm pretty proud of.)

Luckily, no one (besides my iPad) has to wear the case and the iPad is rectangular, so I figured this project was a go. I started it around 10 pm the night before we left for the beach BECAUSE I HAD TO HAVE A CASE FOR MY IPAD BEFORE VACATION. I'm pretty sure Larry mumbled something about my (lack of) priorities, but not getting sand in my iPad was a priority!
DIY iPad case
This project cost me less than $2. Materials needed? Two pieces of felt, (I buy mine from American Felt & Craft - the colors and quality are far superior to the junky felt from the craft store) thread, and velcro. And a sewing machine.

I machine-sewed decorative stitching across one piece of felt (just simple lines across the front of the case) using thread in a contrasting color. Then I trimmed the felt based on the dimensions of my iPad, sewed the two pieces together on three sides, trimmed the seams, created a flap, turned it right side out, sewed on the velcro closure, and voila! I can't really give specific instructions because I just eyeballed the whole thing as I went, but it was an easy project and fortunately, my iPad fits in there perfectly.
DIY iPad case
DIY iPad case
It's a simple case, which is just what I wanted. It protects my iPad from scratches when I slip it in my bag and from dust (or wet dog noses) when it's lying around the house. No, it's not going to protect your iPad if you drop it on concrete...but you shouldn't be dropping your iPad anyway.

I made this thing two months ago and it's still holding up like new. Hooray for simple projects that I can actually complete!

DIY iPad case


ana said...

it's awesome. & i agree with all the yucky cases out there - i don't see the point of making apple devices ugly & cumbersome just to protect it.

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Thanks, Ana!

Michael - Innkeeper said...

wow! this is fantastic! love it.

.... did you really get your iPhone cover from that easy store? i'm getting an iPhone for my bday and i've literally spent hours trying to find an appropriate cover with no luck whatsoever!

do you like your cover from there? does it functions well?

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Thanks, Michael! Yup, the iphone cover that I linked to is the exact one that I have. There are lots of iphone covers on Etsy (including some beautiful, but expensive, leather ones), but I liked this one because it was really affordable - and over a year later it's still holding up perfectly. It's simple and easy to slip the phone out of the case when it's ringing.

You will LOVE your iphone! Don't know how I lived without one!

Amarjeet said...

You are wonderful! Someday I hope to visit your beautiful city.

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