Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hey, look - I have new hair:
haircut - straight
Now, I do this about once a year - chop all my hair off. Afterwards, I swear I'll never let it get long again. But then it grows and I get lazy and think it would be fun to have hair long enough for twisty-'dos and milkmaid braids. What actually happens is that I end up wearing it up in a bun hair ball every day...which looks only slightly better than the thing a cat coughs up.

So in the interest of full disclosure - the before photos:
OMG hair. Before haircut.
(Shortly after this photo was taken I placed a 9-1-1 call to the salon.)

Clearly, I was waaaaaaay overdue for a cut and some highlights.

When the stylist asked what I wanted, I thought...um, can you make it NOT LOOK LIKE THIS? Also, I would like there to be less of it.
OMG hair. Before haircut.
People, this is MY ACTUAL HAIR. I was born this way. It's like a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong.

This is what I have to deal with on a daily basis. Yes, I am aware that it appears that my hair could provide shelter for a colony of rodents.
OMG hair. Before haircut.
(Holy shit.)

It defies gravity and all laws of nature. It isn't natural...but, yet...it is. It's a freak of nature! It's aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiive. No, wait, it's dead. Seriously, what died and got stuck to my head???
OMG hair. Before haircut.
My hair is the bane of my existence. I try to embrace it, but most days, I want to punch it in the face. I guess that would do nothing besides give me a black eye. So I guess I should say, most days I want to shave it off. Unfortunately, bald is beautiful doesn't work quite so well for us chicks with heads shaped like a potato.
OMG hair. Before haircut.
I'm kinda thinking that maybe I should've waited until after Halloween to have it cut, though. I could've gone as an Orangutan. Or Cousin Itt? Carrot TopChewbacca? A Sasquatch? No costume required!

Anyway, the hair had to go. So long, rat's nest:
haircut - straight
Amy at Nash Hair Design (SO happy to have found an awesome salon in Falls Church!) worked her magic to give me a new short highlighted 'do. Of course it looked great after a professional blow dry, but the real test was letting it go curly...would I look like a dandelion? I'm a low maintenance girl. I don't think I've used my blow dryer since we moved into our house three years ago (despite the fact that one of my first purchases for the new house was a nifty wall-mounted hair dryer holster).

This is what it looks like with some gel and allowed to air dry:
haircut - curly

Close-up of my highlights, complete with evil-eye:
haircut - curly
DSC_2422 E crop
Seriously, remind me to never let my hair get long again. Never again. It scares the children:
OMG hair. Before haircut.


Sarah Rooftops said...

I have the same hair. But mousy brown (hidden under a layer of fake ginger). I sympathise.

Your new style looks lovely, though!

Michael - Innkeeper said...

love the new short look!

and your 'before' photos gave me a good chuckle! Thanks! :)

Sarah Rosemary said...

Lovely! My hair is seriously out of control due to the humidity, so I feel your pain. I love your new cut - very chic! I want to cut my hair short again, but then I need to go in more often to keep it in check. So for now, I just let it go and try to keep it under control in a pony tail ;)

Lauren Margaret said...

You make me laugh over and over again, lady :) I love your new 'do! I don't think I could ever give up my long hair but I am long-overdue for an update! Way too many "want to punch my hair in the face" days lately!

I also love your sense of humor... and that you were wearing a Josh Ritter t-shirt!

Pickles and Dimes said...

I love it! I especially love the curly, air-dryed look. I would LOVE to have some natural curls. You look very polished and pretty!

Sarah said...

The new 'do is gorgeous! Clearly, I'm a big supporter of short(er) hair.

Larry said...

That's my pretty girl. Before and after.

Rebekka Seale said...

Haha...very pretty! Funny thing is, all I've ever wanted is hair like yours! Mine is fine, straight, and FLAT! I guess you always want whatcha don't have, huh?

tessica said...

I love the haircut! And also...I love Josh Ritter!

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Thanks for all the nice comments about my hair...and for appreciating my sense of humor! Love that some of my readers are Josh Ritter fans! He's my #1 musical crush!

Karin said...

Ha, ha...you crack me up! I think the haircut looks great, I'm jealous of your natural curls!

smstokesbury said...

LOVE your hair Rachel! I think I like it styled curly with some gel and air dried even better than blown out! Although you look beautiful with both ways, as always.