Wednesday, October 12, 2011

date night | graffiato + pearl jam

After I finish a big deadline, I have a hard time getting motivated. There's such a relief of finally having it over with, that afterwards I feel like doing, well...nothing. I've got lots of ideas for new art swirling in my head, but my body says Take a breakStay in bed. Read a book.

Having my prints on the way to the hotel and the art market behind me meant that my schedule was clear enough to go out and have some fun...

So last night we had date night...which we do way too infrequently.  I met Larry downtown for dinner and a movie - tried and true or maybe overdone, but we had a great time.

Dinner was at Mike Isabella's new restaurant Graffiato and it was fantastic. It's a small plates menu, so we tried Chicken Thighs in Pepperoni Sauce, Striped Bass with Potato Puree and Smoked Eggplant Sauce (our favorite dish of the night), Pheasant Ragu, Suckling Pig, Roasted Potato Gnocchi with Black Truffles, a Countryman Pizza topped with an egg over-easy, Spiced Pistachios, and Flatbread with Lemon Ricotta. Sounds like a lot of food...and we were stuffed! We also had an excellent bottle of Petit Syrah - which was their featured wine of the night and also happens to be our favorite varietal of the moment.
Dessert was a movie at E Street Cinema, which is probably my favorite local theater - they always have really interesting independent films. We saw Pearl Jam Twenty - which has been hard to get tickets to since most theaters are only showing it for a night or two. (Though it is going to be on PBS next week.) Pearl Jam was the background music to my high school years, so it was cool to see the history of the band over the last twenty years. I first remember hearing Pearl Jam in 1993 when I was about to start 9th grade - though PJ had been together for a few years before that. (I was usually the last to know about anything cool back then.)  Also, Eddie Vedder and I share a birthday, though he's got 14 years on me. It's hard to believe he's 46.

Here's to more date nights!

(And now I'm going to crank up some Pearl Jam and get back to work in my studio...)

Note: For some strange reason, over the past month my computer has been waking itself up out of sleep mode at 3 am and blasting Pearl Jam. It's not playing from iTunes or Spotify or a website. A grunge-loving ghost? I've had to make sure the computer is muted before bed. 


Lauren Margaret said...

Aw that sounds like such a great date night! And that's too funny about your computer. Mike's computer (and phone) are possessed and start playing Wu-Tang at random moments!

Becky said...

Hooray for date night! Sounds like a great evening!

Sometimes our printer turns itself on and cleans it in the middle of the night. Weird (and a little creepy) to wake up to!