Tuesday, June 21, 2011


card designs
Earlier this year I alluded to the fact that I have been working late nights for a freelance gig. In January, I signed an artist's contract to design cards for a new internet-based greeting card company. In February, I designed 50 cards for them and was rewarded with an iPad.

That company is called iGiveCards and the website just launched a few weeks ago. iGiveCards isn't your typical online card company - what's unique about the iGiveCards concept is that $0.40 from the purchase of every card is donated to a charity or non-profit group, and an additional $0.05 is donated to an environmental group to offset the carbon footprint of the card (and the cards are printed on 100% recycled fibers). Not only that, the cards are extremely affordable ($2.10 for a typical bifold card and $0.95 for a postcard) - that's less than the cost of an ugly drugstore card and much less than the cards that you can find at a fancy paper store (some of those run $5 or $6 per card - and they aren't donating anything to charity!).

Do I sound like an infomercial yet? I'm really excited to be a part of this company and to add Greeting Card Designer to my resume. You can check the whole thing out on your own on the website (it's free to create an account). There are some pretty neat features - you can add a custom message to any card, you can set up a calendar with reminders for important events (birthdays, anniversaries), and soon you will be able to purchase a gift card to be mailed with the card. And you can do all this from the comfort of your own home - perhaps even while wearing your pajamas. (I'm a big fan of online shopping and wearing pajamas...)

Anyway, on to the eye candy! A few favorite cards that I've designed over the past few months:

There's no way to search by designer on the iGiveCards website, but if you're interested in any of the above cards, you should be able to search by descriptive keyword (such as walrus, dodo, strawberries, or peace sign) to find the card. 

Also, since I retain the copyright to all my designs, I am hoping to make some of them into art prints which will be available for purchase in my Etsy shop. I'm loving that dodo bird - any other requests?
card designs


Amanda said...

these are AMAZING!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations! I love them all, but the fish is my favorite!


Jennifer said...

these are wonderful! you should be proud :) definitely will be heading over there to grab some of these!

smstokesbury said...

AWESOME Rachel! I'm so excited for you. I was going to say I was so proud of you, but decided that made me sound like I was your mom or something. I've been dying to see your designs and the wait was worth it. I had seen the moose and the dodo (both favorites), but I must say that I absolutely LOVE the fish! And I really like the shark and cupcake one, plus the ostrich in cowboy boots. These are so cute! And I can't believe how much time and effort went into each card. They're so beautiful!

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments!

Michael - Innkeeper said...

seriously!? these are fan-freakin-tastic!! omg. i can't believe you created these!! wow. i love them all!! you are amazingly talented!!