Thursday, September 1, 2011

interview on Got Curls

I first met Amanda Coolidge when we were five years old - we went to elementary school together. I remember pool parties, play dates at her house, and her take-no-nonsense mother, Cindy, who's recipe for Salmon & Dill Pie is still in my own mother's recipe box. (At least I think it was Salmon & Dill Pie - it was definitely a recipe for something that I wouldn't have eaten in elementary school!)

In high school, we sat at the same lunch table, and I remember admiring Amanda's outgoing personality, her confidence, and her ability to make people laugh. And then, like most people do, we graduated and went our separate ways, to college, to work, and to find our places in the world. Fast forward to just recently, when Amanda and I were reunited through blogging - funny how that happens!

In reading up on Amanda's blog, Got Curls, I learned that she's been doing amazing things since we were last in touch - such as riding her bike from Vancouver to Seattle to support cancer research and running marathons! Holy smokes! She's lived in several foreign countries and currently resides in western Canada. And she still has that great sense of humor, take-no-nonsense attitude (a trait she no doubt inherited from her mother!), and love of adventure.

So imagine my surprise when Amanda e-mailed me to request an interview for a series she was doing on her blog because she thought I was inspiring. Let me repeat that: She thought I was inspiring. Non-marathon running, donut-eating, ME. Huh?!

And let me tell you, her questions were hard! But they really made me think about the decisions I've made recently and what my goals are for the future of Funnelcloud Studio. Thanks, Amanda!

Check out the whole interview on Got Curls. And check out the rest of Amanda's blog, too - she's truly inspiring (and a fellow curly-girl to boot)!


Sarah Rooftops said...

759 Etsy sales in less than two years?! One of them was me but... HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?!?! I can see why she thinks you're inspiring!

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Thank you, Sarah! That is SO nice! I guess I got lucky...and I have awesome customers! ;)

Amanda said...

Thanks for this rachel!! And u are totally inspiring!! Enjoy the last days of summer :)