Friday, September 16, 2011

hey, who turned off the sun?

(Shortly after I snapped this pic with my phone, Gravy ripped the blanket off with his teeth, thrashed the crap out of it, and threw it across the room. He is most definitely a sleeps-ON-TOP-of-the-covers kind of guy.)

Remember when I proclaimed that summer wasn't over yet? HA HA HA. Joke's on me. It was 48 degrees last night. 48! In September! In Virginia! That's in the 40s, which is just above the 30s...which is freezing. Unacceptable!

I turned on the fireplace this morning. I ate a bowl of hot oatmeal for breakfast. I'm wearing my fuzzy slippers.



Lauren Margaret said...

I am eating a bowl of hot oatmeal at my desk at work, and I may or may not have a winter coat draped over my knees - it's FREEZING!

Karin said...

:( I'm sad...I hate the end of summer and the start of cold weather season. I think I need to move somewhere where the temp is a mild 70 or higher year round!

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Karin - I am totally down with the plan of moving somewhere warmer! (How about the Caribbean?)

Unfortunately, Larry hates being hot and really doesn't sympathize with my shivering!