Thursday, September 15, 2011

weekend adventures: the west wing

the west wing
Me and Larry outside the West Wing | September 10, 2011.

On Saturday, Larry and I had the opportunity to visit the White House and tour the West Wing. As you can imagine, taking photos inside the White House is not allowed. But we got to see the Oval Office and the Resolute Desk (which only had an enormous telephone on it and a single pen in a wooden box). And we learned that Obama really likes apples. There's always a bowl of fresh apples in the Oval Office. And there were numerous photos of the president working while eating an apple.

Even cooler than that, we got to see the President himself. Well, the back of his head anyway. We were stopped as we were about to tour the Rose Garden, because the President had just arrived - we could see his back as he walked along the Rose Garden path and entered the White House. He shook hands with the group ahead of us.

While I didn't get to shake the President's hand or taste a presidential apple, I did have the best apple pie I've ever had (and a couple of beers) at a pizzeria called District of Pi afterwards. How very American.

district of pi

the best apple pie i've ever had
The best apple pie ever - cornmeal crust, crunchy topping, cinnamon ice cream. 
It is now my goal to recreate this dessert for Thanksgiving.


Lauren Margaret said...

That is so cool! I am a huge fan of The West Wing (the tv show) so I've kind of always wanted to go see the real thing. Maybe one of these days!

And I am putting District of Pi on my list :)

Juanita said...

Like Lauren, I adored watching the "West Wing" as well. SO COOL that you got to see it up close and personal like! And love the quirk about the apples :-)