Saturday, September 17, 2011

the 12 project | august

The 12 Project: August 2011
August | Kitchen Kiss

So...I forgot to take a photo for The 12 Project last month, and in sorting through my archives, discovered that this pic of Larry and me in the kitchen (taken when I documented an ordinary day in photos), and the one that followed (where he wipes off my kiss) were the only two photos taken of the two of us in the entire month of August. Lame. (But it will have to do.)


Lauren Margaret said...

1. I love your kitchen
2. I'm jealous of your waffle-maker (that's creeping up on our wishlist)
3. SO CUTE! I especially love the wiping-off-the-kiss photo.
4. I did some research but I can't find details - what is the 12 project?

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Thanks, Lauren!

The 12 Project is where I'm trying to get a family photo each month this year (and by family, I mean me & Larry). It's one of my photography goals for the year as described here:

Inspired by Tara Whitney:

Lauren Margaret said...

A-ha! Thanks!