Friday, September 9, 2011

a weekend in west virginia

bingo's bungalow - hemlock haven
While in New River Gorge this weekend, we stayed at a place called Hemlock Haven, in Hico, West Virginia.

Bingo's Bungalow - our cabin:
bingo's bungalow - hemlock haven
The best part about Hemlock Haven is that it is dog-friendly AND each cabin has a FENCED-IN YARD. If you've ever taken your dog on vacation and known the joy that is leash-walking your dog at 6am (and every other time he has to take a shit...especially if you have a dog that refuses to do his business while on leash coughBANJOcough), you will understand what a huge deal this is.
bingo's bungalow - hemlock haven
"I can poop all over this yard! Sweet!"

The fenced-in yard was a great place for Banjo to play bitey-face and steal-the-stick with his buddy, Wrigley. 
bingo's bungalow - hemlock haven
bingo's bungalow - hemlock haven
bingo's bungalow - hemlock haven
bingo's bungalow - hemlock haven
Poor guy doesn't have anyone to play with him at home. Meanwhile, Gravy stayed on the porch and watched the silly dogs playing with disdain. "Look at those stupid animals."

The interior of the house was cozy and cabin-y:
bingo's bungalow - hemlock haven
bingo's bungalow - hemlock havenbingo's bungalow - hemlock haven
Sleeping loft:
bingo's bungalow - hemlock haven
There was a game room in the garage for playing darts, air hockey, pool, and foosball. Plus, plenty of room in the yard for running around.

Time for some horseshoes:
After the game, the boys convinced me to attempt to throw a horseshoe. Emphasis on attempt. 

That quickly turned into this:
Can she even hit the sand pit? Answer: No.
Can she hit a tree? Answer: Yes.

Thankfully there is no photographic documentation of my attempts. And while I wish I was the kind of girl who could kick the boys' butts at games like this, it's sadly not to be. I think I'll stick with drawing. I was never good with the whole gross motor skills thing.

Banjo, however, was not happy to be left out of the game:
new river gorge
We spent our evenings hanging out in the cabin, cooking dinner, and playing Legos (well, some of us were playing, and some of us were stuffing Legos between the couch cushions...)
hemlock haven
kiddos in the cabin
We also learned a few lessons. For example, three year olds don't like jalapeno cheetos:
kids don't like jalapeno cheetos
Everyone likes cheese, though. (Including the predators lurking in the background. Since the little guy was busted drinking out of the dog bowl, I guess they figured it was only fair that he share his cheese with them.)
The cutest boys:
the cutest
After the kids were in bed, we spent the remainder of the evening drinking and laughing until our faces hurt, relaxing in the hot tub, eating spiked watermelon, and burning things in the firepit, before tumbling into bed...and waking up with hangovers. Just some good clean, West Virginia fun!
bingo's bungalow - hemlock haven
My sleeping boys:
my sleeping boys
(Yes, that is a photo of my COONhound, who was sound asleep while a racCOON was rifling through the trash can. Worthless!)


Sarah Rosemary said...

Ha ha ha, I love the picture of the sleeping dogs! When Belle sleeps, she is totally out! That dog. Unless UPS comes to the door. Then she goes completely out of control. What a cool cabin - it looks like everyone had fun.

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Sarah - I'm pretty sure Banjo has caused the UPS man to wet his pants! He thinks it's his job to protect us from the mailman, the UPS man, random boy scouts, etc!

Anonymous said...

um. that cabin is AMAZING. add in some cheese and horseshoes? pretty much my dream weekend.