Thursday, May 12, 2011

summer list 2011

As soon as spring started making an appearance here, I started dreaming up fun things I wanted to do this summer. Summer to me means Saturday mornings spent at the Farmers Market, hiking (when it's not too hot), eating blueberries and corn on the cob, grilling in our backyard and sitting around the fire pit, making fresh squeezed lemonade, beers on the patio, and frequent jaunts to our local ice cream shop.

I asked Larry what he wanted to do this summer so I could include his ideas on my list, and his response was "Not get too hot." So while Larry sits in the air conditioning, I plan to do this:

2011 summer list a reduced 3

Evidently, my mind lives in an idealized fantasy world where I spend my summers lazing on a hand-quilted picnic blanket while drinking wine and reading a stack of library books that I carried home in my bike basket. HA HA HA. Seriously, I think I've included Have a Picnic on every To Do list I've ever made, and to be honest, our so-called picnics usually involve unwrapping some Chik-Fil-A while sitting at a bird poop-covered picnic table in a crowded park and scarfing the sandwiches as fast as possible because the dogs are being whiny pains in the butt.

I've deliberately left off all the projects I hope to accomplish in the coming months (paint the upstairs, rebuild our trellis, clean out the mudroom, build some furniture) because summer is supposed to be fun.

What's on your summer list?

Edited to add: Forgot to include Drink a good gin & tonic on my list!

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