Sunday, July 4, 2010

happy 4th!

We had a fantastic and summery 4th of July weekend - full of friends, good food, and a 13 pound spiked watermelon.

Our friends came over for a barbeque in our backyard and brought their dogs...
DSC_1046 E crop
and kids...
DSC_1042 ES crop
Larry manned the grill.
DSC_1056 E crop
I made a marinade for the kabobs from my new favorite cookbook - The Herbfarm Cookbook - using oregano from my herb garden. This is the most fantastic marinade I've ever had - recipe on Vicious Dishes.  
DSC_1062 ES
Some of our guests preferred playing with trash:
DSC_1044 ES crop 2
DSC_1043 ES crop
We had to skip the DC fireworks this year, but we did catch a good display at a local high school:
DSC_1109 ES
DSC_1116 ES
DSC_1088 ES2
DSC_1104 E
And my favorite part - the retina-burning grand finale:
DSC_1122 ES

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