Friday, May 6, 2011

the second child

weird dog
Larry always accuses me of taking and sharing more photos of Gravy than of Banjo.

I take photos of both of them, but Banjo is a more challenging subject. He likes to get right up in your grill, and a photo of his snout on the lens typically isn't what I'm going for. (Actually, a snout is better than the alternative - which is his other end, which he also likes to shove right up in your grill.)

On the other hand, if you try to get Gravy's attention for a picture, he might lift his head in disgust, look at you, determine there is no treat involved, and then resume his nap. Photographing Gravy is as easy as taking pictures of a statue. Plus, he's extremely photogenic...even when sleeping.

Furthermore, most of the photos I end up getting of Banjo are indecent. This is how he greets me every morning:
weird dog
Is he being submissive? Does he want a belly rub? Or is he just showing off the goods?
weird dog
A face only a mother could love:
weird dog

Things Banjo has eaten this month: a business card, a stinkbug, and a mussel shell that he pulled out of the storm sewer. (Ok, actually he didn't eat the mussel shell because we told him to drop it and he did. But still - he found a mussel shell in the sewer! Where did that come from? And does it surprise anyone that this dog loves to stick his head in the sewer?)


Abby said...

I love Banjo! And I especially love the way he's eyeing you in the second picture. It's a crazy, yet inviting look. Milford does the same thing, which is probably why I love Banjo!

Juanita said...

Super cute :-)