Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the weekend in pictures

Despite my long To Do List, I managed to have a fantastic weekend that was both productive and relaxing.

Saturday started with empanadas and flan from the Farmers Market and ended with jumbo marshmallows roasted over the fire pit.
giant flan!
(This is flan. Giant flan! Have you ever seen such a thing?!)
jumbo marshmallows!
(These are marshmallows. Jumbo marshmallows! Have you ever seen such a thing?!)

jumbo marshmallows!

Sunday started with crullers on the porch and ended with gin & tonics on the patio.
crullers on the porch
In between, we mowed, trimmed, weeded, planted, swept, and cleaned up the yard. We constructed weights for my art fair tent. We discussed landscaping projects. We played with the dogs. We sat by the fire and chatted. We used the Rolla Roasters for the first time (genius!) and ate marshmallows until we felt sick.
in our yard
building tent weights
gravy and the rainbow ball
gravy and the snake
Just how a weekend should be.

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ana said...

looks like one super fun weekend. that flan is HUGE! yumm.