Monday, May 16, 2011

the 12 project | january, february, march, and april

I've fallen a bit behind with my documentation of The 12 Project (one of my photography goals for 2011). Here's an update:

The 12 Project: January 2011
January | Busy with my shop and embracing messy hair.

The 12 Project: February 2011
February | We were apart - Larry was on a business trip in Central Asia while I held down the fort at home.

The 12 Project: March 2011
March | A glimpse of Spring? Hiking at Roosevelt Island.

The 12 Project: April 2011
April | Yard work.


Anonymous said...

your housee is gorgeous :) I wish they had houses like that where I live!x

Jennifer said...

Okay, you need to fess up your secrets. How do you stay in such great shape when you cook such AMAZING food??!?!?!

PS- I agree with Nadiine. Your house is gorgeous!


Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Thank you for the sweet compliments - we love our house and yard but can't seem to stay ahead of all the projects (and the weeds!)

And "in such great shape" - HAHAHA! So untrue, but I'm thrilled that I come across this way on the internet!

Juanita said...

Saw this print on etsy and thought of Gravy:

Cute, right :-)

Elisa said...

First picture = Awesome !!

Maria said...

lovely 1st pic! happy weekend!