Monday, September 9, 2013

put a (dead) bird on it

Usually whenever nature takes its course in our yard, a haiku is written to honor the deceased prove how f*ed my brain is. So far there have been three squirrels who died at the hands jaws of Gravy, a fourth squirrel who randomly dropped dead on our front porch, and a slew of insects (and a shrew) that were chewed up and regurgitated by Banjo. (The crunchier, the better!)

Oh, and I found a skull in our laundry room once, but never wrote any poetry about that, maybe because I wasn't sure what species the skull belonged to. I'm thinking a mouse?

Anyway, I was having a fantastic day on Friday - gorgeous weather, lunch with friends - and in the afternoon decided to sit on the back porch to enjoy the sunshine and eat a cookie. That was when my good day came screeching to a halt thanks to a DEAD BIRD on our porch dining table. Pretty sure that's some kind of bad omen...

Tablescape, with dead bird.

Still, I couldn't resist:

Dead bird on table.
Hit the window, broken neck.
Dinner is now served!

Candle & dead bird
Make elegant tablescape.
D-I-Y, bitchez!

Farewell feathered friend.
Now you adorn our table.

My dear husband, your
'Honey Do' List got longer.

1 comment:

Pickles and Dimes said...

D-I-Y, bitchez! HAHAHHAHHA.

We woke up one weekend last winter to walk outside and find a dead (but otherwise completely unmarked) rabbit on our front steps. Good morning!