Wednesday, September 25, 2013

week in the life | sunday

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Good morning!

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It's another glorious day out!

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Larry sleeps in.

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So I paint my toenails on the back porch. (And admire my flip-flop tan!) The chipped red polish that's been on my toes half the summer has to go, in favor of my favorite (discontinued) shade: Vintage by Revlon. (It looks magenta in summer and cranberry in fall.)

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Breakfast on the back porch.

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Croissant with chocolate butter. It's AMAZING, even if Larry says it looks like a "bowl of dookie" and opts for cereal instead.

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I drive to the Mosaic District to meet girlfriends for lunch at Matchbox. (Fun fact: Larry and I had our first date at the Matchbox in Chinatown in 2003.) I'm the first to arrive (this NEVER happens), so I sit outside the restaurant to wait for my friends.

DSC_2499 ES
When your friends are also bloggers, there's a lot of photography going on. Here's Sarah in action.

DSC_2497 ES crop
We all whipped out giant cameras at the same time. "Whoah!", exclaimed our waiter. It reminded me of an action movie when everyone draws a gun at once. Click!

DSC_2496 ES crop
I had crabcake benedict with breakfast potatoes and a lemonade. Might as well continue my gluttonous Sunday.

DSC_2500 ES crop
It was a wonderful afternoon of chatting, eating, and window shopping with Ashley, Sarah, and Sarah. We left promising, as always, to do it more often. (Color coordinating of outfits was inadvertent!)

DSC_2513 ES crop
Arriving back home.

DSC_2525 ES crop
While I was gone, Larry did the dishes, cleaned the stove, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, and made homemade guava BBQ sauce. We spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning up and prepping food together before Mom comes over for dinner.

DSC_2574 ES crop
I pick up the house (mostly Larry's shoes) and wipe down the kitchen counter.

DSC_2522 ES crop
Also, Larry is over Week in the Life!

DSC_2552 ES crop
Mixing a new cocktail for tonight: the Lilikoi Itch. Guava nectar, passionfruit juice, rum, vodka, triple sec.

DSC_2588 ES crop
Mom arrives. The dogs LOVE her. (Also, she has dog treats stuffed in her pockets and purse.)

DSC_2594 ES crop 2
Me and Mom.

DSC_2580 ES crop
Larry mans the grill. The ribs are marinated with sherry in a spray bottle.

DSC_2628 ES crop
We hang out on the patio before dinner, drinking cocktails and eating guacamole. Gravy gives out wet willies to unsuspecting guests.

DSC_2597 ES crop
Here's me shucking corn in a dress in front of a collection of dead plants and an unmowed yard. Glamorous, glamorous.

DSC_2643 ES
Sun starts to set. Per usual, it's dark before dinner is served.

DSC_2646 ES crop
Last summer backyard meal: Chinese-Style Ribs with Guava Barbecue Sauce; Spinach, Watermelon, and Feta Salad; Corn-on-the-Cob.

DSC_2650 ES crop
Mini coconut cake split three ways for dessert! (I am usually opposed to store-bought cakes, but make an exception for Wegman's coconut cake. Yum!)

DSC_2658 ES crop
Perfect company, perfect evening.

DSC_2668 BWES crop
After Mom leaves, we retreat to the sofa.

week in the life | sunday
The week is done. Here's what my To Do list and planner look like by the end of the week. I never come anywhere close to crossing everything off. And yes, I realize I should make a shorter, more prioritized, and more realistic list - but have always gone with the 'brain dump' technique instead. Lots of thoughts swirling in my head this week on how to make my days more productive.

DSC_2731 ES crop
End the week in bed with another episode of Scandal. Season 2 is getting INTENSE.

Another week in the life, done!

P.S. Did I mention that Larry is SO OVER Week in the Life???
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Jillian said...

Loved reading your a Week in the Life posts! It's so interesting to see someone's day-to-day. And just because I really love lists that never get done too, it's awesome to see your planner-such cool graphics and style to your handwriting.

Sara said...

What a treat! As always, your photos are gorgeous (I loved the one of Larry flipping you the bird!)

kadfoto said...

What a fun series of posts. Loved taking a peek into your day-to-day. Your photos are a real treat. That looks like a cool planner, where did you find?

Irene Solmone said...

Okay, I really really love your planner, mostly because of your drawings and everything. Plus, I could never be that organised!! And the sunset photo is lovely.