Tuesday, October 2, 2012

things that are awful

Over the weekend, I was chatting with Jane and she (half-jokingly?) suggested I make a Things That Are Awful illustration to correspond with my Things That Are Awesome illustration.

Maybe it was because we're both stressed out prepping for Art on the Avenue*, maybe it's because it was late at night and we'd had a few glasses of wine, or maybe it's because we have the sense of humor of a pair of 12 year old boys - whatever the reason, we were cracking ourselves up with suggestions of awful things such as dog poop, bacteria, and roadkill.

Considering how long it took me to draw Things That Are Awesome and considering the fact that most people probably don't want to hang awful things on their wall, I don't think I'll be turning this into an illustration for my shop, but yesterday as I was searching for motivation amid my usual Monday morning fog (Monday mornings = awful?), I couldn't help but think of (and snicker at) more awful things: Dog farts! Mealworms! Root canals! Halitosis! Public toilets! Parasites!

Perhaps it's not the most positive way to start the week, but if you're having a crappy day, get it off your chest and give me a laugh by listing things you think are awful in the comments. (Please, there are enough truly awful things in the world, so let's keep the comments lighthearted and funny.)

Hangnails! Strapless bras! Hangovers! Diarrhea! Mildew! Band-aids floating in the pool! Smoke detectors with low batteries!

Pssst: Art on the Avenue is this Saturday, October 6 from 10-6 in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria. Stop by Booth 184W to visit my shop, Funnelcloud Studio and Booth 223W to visit Jane's shop, Janery. I promise you there will be nothing awful for sale and plenty of awesome, including Jane's amazing new pet beds (which I got a sneak peek of on Saturday night)!


Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Ok, I was just dying laughing at this. First, I think its both awesome and hilarious that you did this, second, I really want a copy to hang.
Third, I'm really glad we got to chat about handmade business stuff because I needed that extra inspiration to power through this last week! Here's hoping that this rainy weather gets over and done with by Saturday...

Beth said...

Open dumpster
Forgotten dishes
Forgotten laundry
Wet bathroom floors
Moldy leftover containers
A full in box
Broken bones
Ink stains

Beth said...

Wet socks
Tangled hair
Stinky gym shoes
DMV lobbies
Dirty diapers
Snooty noses

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Beth - these are hilarious! I cracked up at open dumpsters and the DMV.

Karin said...

The end of Daylight Savings Time
Stink bugs
Cockroaches/Palmetto bugs
Paper cuts
Lukewarm beverages

Oh man...I could go on and on! :)

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Cats that pee outside the box
Rainy craft fairs!!!

Jillian said...

-Pee on the toilet seat
-yes, WET SOCKS!!
-an empty gum pack


Anonymous said...

We just bought (and love) the "Things that are Awesome" print today at Art on the Avenue -- we would totally get a companion "Things that are awful print." Maybe instead of printing black on white, print it in reverse, white on black!


Anonymous said...

toe cheese
dogs that eat cat poop
stepping on cat puke in your bare feet
a chunk of old milk that pours into your cup

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

You guys are cracking me up!

@VV - Thanks for your purchase and for stopping by yesterday! I'm glad you love Things That Are Awesome and I love your suggestion for a Things That Are Awful print!

@kimmartucci - Those are totally disgusting and awful! Love it!

ashleyTIA said...

chipped nail polish & unidentified wetness. I stole the last one from Diana of Our City Lights - it's just so true! : )

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

@AshleyTIA - Unidentified wetness is SO true! And it applies to so many situations - pets, babies, house leaks...