Tuesday, October 16, 2012

two years ago today

RV trip 2010
October 16, 2010 | Packing up the RV in Denver

Two years ago today, we woke up in Denver, packed a rental RV with four adults and a baby, and embarked on a ten day RV trip across Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.

We drove across Colorado that night and into Utah and the darkness of Arches National Park. When we awoke the next morning we were in the most beautiful campground I've ever seen.
our RV in Arches National Park 2010
Throughout the course of the next week, we explored the wild west with some of our best friends (Sarah and Sean, and their seven-month old daughter, Anna). We hiked in Arches National Park, ate lunch overlooking the breathtaking scenery in Canyonlands National Park, saw a double rainbow over Monument Valley, stood in four states at once at Four Corners (never go there - worst tourist trap ever!), and climbed into ancient cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde National Park.

We ate sandwiches and spaghetti-Os, didn't shower, and spent the evenings drinking camouflage beer before tumbling climbing into our bed in Mother's Attic.

And so began our love affair with the RV lifestyle. Unfortunately, we haven't yet won the Mega Millions so we can take the ultimate road trip - a whole year off to explore the U.S.A. Who's in?


Lauren McKenna said...

I'm in, I'm in! It's been nine years since my last RV trip and I've been itching for another!

Tessica Venteicher said...

Me please! (Are 8year olds invited? She makes really great butter and bologna sandwiches!)

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Let's do it! Tessica, I think an eight year old would love an RV trip. And butter & bologna sandwiches are perfect RV food! :)

Karen Travels said...

I am so in, this sounds wonderful. Another child on board too!! He loves a good adventure.

Jennifer said...

Rachel, have you ever heard of The Sketchbook Project?

One of the themes this year is "Travelogue"- you should TOTALLY participate and commemorate your trip!

(I signed up and just received my sketchbook... so excited!)


Kelly said...

Oh my goodness - gorgeous! I'll come! Even if you make me eat a butter sandwich.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty much our dream too -- except we want to do it for the rest of our lives and be those old people in the sweet RVs (although we really love the VW campervan) that always get the best camp sites.

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Yay! Everybody pile in the RV! This will be fun! Is anyone independently wealthy by chance? ;)

@Jennifer - I've heard of the Sketchbook Project, but I'm so bad about keeping a sketchbook, that I know if I actually completed one, I'd want to keep it for myself!

@VV - Oh, I would love to RV for the rest of our lives and have a cute camper van. But right now I'll settle for the billboard-on-wheels rental RV - even a ten day RV trip was amazing!

smstokesbury said...

Thanks for commemorating that awesome trip Rachel! Was a lot of fun to read this post. And especially to see that first picture with Logan lounging in the grass in front of the RV. Maybe we can do it again when the baby is 7 months?? Anna would have an absolute blast. Thanks for an awesome trip!!!