Wednesday, April 6, 2011

mouthwatering march!

mouthwatering march!
Well, looky here...carbs, cheese, and alcohol...yup, that pretty much sums up what we consumed in March. Because I was out of commission most of the month due to my headaches (which are now in remission - yay!), I didn't do much cooking, and when I did cook, I wanted comfort foods! I also didn't drink at all for the first three weeks of March because alcohol triggers the headaches. But! We more than made up for that during the last few days of the month when Sara was in town - we spent a fantastic Sunday afternoon draining our wine rack and feasting on cheese.

I was obsessed with making biscuits this month - I tried several different recipes and highly recommend Orangette's Cream Biscuits. I also continued my quest for The Perfect Mac and Cheese Recipe. Food & Wine's recent recipe for Stovetop Mac & Cheese with Cheese Crisps (or as it turned out for me, "Burnt Cheese Leather") was very good...but still not perfection. I also made hamburger buns from scratch, and found a fantastic turkey burger recipe. And Bobby Flay does it again - his recipe for Chile-Honey Glazed Salmon with Black Bean Sauce and Jalapeno Crema was delicious!

But the best thing I ate this month, I didn't even was Sara's Crawfish Pies. Seriously, phenomenal! And after witnessing how much work they are to make, I'm so glad she was in town to make them for me! Thanks, Sara!

What we were eating and cooking this month: Comfort foods - biscuits, mac and cheese, cookies, pasta, cupcakes (from a bakery), crawfish pies. And wine, lots of wine.

P.S. Wondering if anyone will comment that the cupcake pic looks like a boob before Larry does...

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