Tuesday, March 15, 2011

good things to distract me from my brain pain

Things I Love
While Larry was traveling in Central Asia last month and I was on my own to survive February bachelorette-style, I started a list of things that were making me happy - you know, to distract me from gray skies, freezing temps, muddy paws, insomnia, and missing my boy. The list is on an index card next to my computer and I thought today would be a good day to break it out...

I've recently started another cycle of cluster headaches, so if I don't write much in the coming weeks, it's because of my insane clown posse brain pain. The "good news" is that the headaches will be gone in about two to four weeks (hoping for two), so I'll only look like this temporarily. Until then, to distract me from my shattered face, we have some happy things:

Things I'm loving:

Homemade custard for breakfast and reading in bed with our yellow comforter, finishing a book on my reading list, snowflake pajama pants.
pajamas, reading in bed, custard for breakfast

Fuzzy slippers.

Fuzzy puppies.

Sales for 50 days in a row in my shop (my first non-sale day of 2011 was the day Larry returned from Asia safe and sound - I was ok with that!)

The skylight in our bedroom.
our bedroom skylight

300+ ideas for my freelance gig.

Being accepted to the Ballston Arts and Crafts Market. (I'll be there on June 11 and October 8 - stop by and say hi!)

Reading every day. (Per Personal Resolution #2 - I've kept it up and read every day this year.)

A new issue of Food & Wine and mini marshmallows - lots of 'em!
lots of marshmallows

Dinner at my favorite local restaurant - Sea Pearl.

New cookbooks.


Candles in jars.
candles in jars
candles in jars

Moroccan food.

Sartori Bella Vitano Gold - my new favorite cheese.

The Boden catalog - always so cheerful.
boden catalog

"Men" who will carry your purse.
carrying my purse



An awesome new address stamp from Paperwink. (I thought about designing my own, since I have designed my own stamps before - but why bother when Paperwink's stamps are perfection? My favorite design is Highway 1 - but I thought it just wouldn't look as cool with a Virginia address as it does with a California address!)
stamp by paperwink

Llama Love!
llama love
Winter sunsets.
february sunset

14 types of cheese currently in my refrigerator!
14 types of cheese

Recipes inspired by books I'm reading. (I made egg curry as inspired by Interpreter of Maladies. If I had a book club, I would totally combine it with a dinner club to continue this theme. I recently finished reading Empire Falls - not sure what recipes would be inspired by this book - diner food? Currently reading Gilead...so far the only food mentioned in this book is "fried mush." )
egg curry

Etsy shopping sprees and pretty packages.
happy mail

Sugar cookies.

Wayfarer Prints from BKNY. (Can't wait to get these framed and up on the wall! Also, just saw that they are sold out - got mine just in time!)

Leftover Italian Cream Cake.

Bakery treats.
baked treats

iPad2 - soon to be mine!

Favorite grilled cheese sandwiches - gouda, swiss, and tomato on potato bread.

Discovering USB ports on my iMac keyboard - only took me three years to realize they were there.

Pretty stamps.
pretty stamps

New nailpolish (Larry calls these my "Terminator 2 nails".)
terminator 2 nails

Cheesetique - my definition of heaven on earth.

Burgers and shakes at Elevation Burger.

Pudding cups - I told Larry the only thing I felt like eating the other day was pudding and he stopped at the store on the way home from work and bought me 24(!) pudding cups!

What are you loving these days?


amongthechimneypots said...

Someone just suggested to me this morning that I do a list of 100 Things Which I'm Happy About - I think you just made my mind up. Right this moment, I'm loving your list. :)

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Thanks, Sarah! Can't wait to read your list!

Mariam said...

Dealing with headache can really give you, well, a headache. But it is good that you have something to distract you from the pain. We also have a skylight in our house. And when I feel a little out of the weather, I just look at our skylight and glance at the sky. It gives me momentary relief and peace. [Mariam Freame]

Joann Winton said...

Staring at the night sky while counting the stars is the best distraction that’ll surely relieve stress! Just take the time to relax and enjoy the things around you, like your skylight. Give yourself a break.

-Joann Winton

Joanne Barragan said...

The clear blue sky or the countless stars at night is a good distraction and definitely a stress reliever! Well, you have to take advantage of your skylight and enjoy the wonderful view that awaits you. I’m sure it’ll not only distract you from the headache, but it can also make you feel happy.

-Joanne Barragan