Wednesday, February 23, 2011

surviving winter, part 2: escape it

This looks nice right about now, right?
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida. March 2010.

When I wrote about embracing winter, I mentioned that my favorite way to survive this dreaded season is to escape it. And taking a trip somewhere warm when your home state is buried in snow is pretty much the best thing ever.

I first discovered this in 2004, when Larry and I took our first vacation together - to the Caribbean. He knew that I hated winter, so we traded February in D.C. for some turquoise water and white sand...
Virgin Gorda, BVI - 2004
Virgin Gorda, BVI. February 2004.

Of course, a yearly jaunt to the Caribbean isn't exactly in our budget, but I'm happy to settle for a few days in Florida. Luckily, my Dad owns a condo there - convenient, right? Last March, I packed up my flip flops and spent a few days in South Florida soaking up some sunshine...

View from Dad's balcony:
perfect day at the beach
View from my beach chair:
view from under the beach umbrella
toes in the sand
View while dipping my toes in the clear clear water:
florida coast
dad's condo
Dad contemplates a late afternoon swim:
dad on the beach
Another fun thing to do - ride an airboat through the Everglades:
air boat
air boat tour guide
And look for gators. Found one!
not taken with a zoom lens
The river of grass:
everglades "river of grass"
We always take a tram tour through Everglades National Park. More gators...
she gator and he gator
she gator
"That's a fine piece of tail, she-gator!"
"that's a fine piece of tail"
George, our tour guide:
Also, I have no idea what this sign means, but it cracks me up:
what does it mean?
A congregation of gators:
gators gators everywhere
They look fake. (They aren't!)
they look fake
See ya later, alligator!
time for a swim
swimming gator
swimming gator
see ya later, alligator
Where do you go to escape winter?

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Sara said...

Hilarious sign :) Love the beach pics. So beautiful! And I don't even like Florida ;-)