Monday, February 21, 2011

messy hair WINNER + a consolation prize!

You guys are awesome! I loved all the photos you sent in for the Messy Hair Contest - and I have to say, you are all a gorgeous group with some totally fantastic hair! Love it!

Before I announce the winner, I wanted to share some of the photos I received:



Lily (who received this as a gift from Sarah):



These next two are so cute, I could die!

Amy's adorable daughter:

And Monica's little sweetie, rockin' the messy hair at a very young age:

And the only guy among the group, Andrew - who's girlfriend Megan, bought this print in honor of his awesome bedhead! Love this - especially, since I have a messy-haired boyfriend of my own. Andrew - you're a great

It was SO tough to be able to pick only one winner - I wish I could give you all free prints! But, since giving away all my art for free probably isn't the best business model, I had to choose just one...

The winner is...Sarah-Kate! Doesn't she have the most fabulous hair?!

Sarah-Kate - you've won a Zinnia print! Please let me know which color you'd like (you may pick from any of the available zinnias in my shop...pssst...I just listed some new colors today!) and where you'd like me to send your print. Congrats!

And since I could only pick one winner, I'm offering up a consolation prize for everyone else - a quick sale until 11:59 pm EST tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb. 22) - just enter coupon code GETMESSY at checkout to receive 
10% off your purchase.

Thanks to you all again for supporting Funnelcloud Studio and for sending in the fabulous pictures - keep 'em 
coming - today, the stunning Keiko Lynn posted her own messy hair pic on her blog which made my day. 
So keep embracing that bedhead, those thick unruly curls, those bad hair days and cowlicks! And even
though the contest is over, keep sending in those messy hair pics - I love to see them!



Yay for messy hair!

THE Princess Bombshell* said...


I never win any blog contest!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'll go shopping for my print!!!!

Lady Dorothy said...

That's MY girl! Congratulations, Sarah-Kate! Your hair is awesome, as are you.

Hayley said...

Ah, I feel famous!
Congrats to Sarah-Kate! Awesome awesome hair!!!

Gombojav Tribe said...

Hey, that's my sister!!! Congratulations Sarah-Kate!

(btw, she got me your piece that says "Eat More Cheese." It's framed in my kitchen. My daily inspiration! :-) )

CasdeRooij said...

Really nice photo's! :D

But I don't really get why Agnes didn't won.. I mean I really like the composition of the photo and the light. It gives it more vibe.