Friday, January 27, 2012

collections | on my nightstand

There is a ridiculous amount of stuff on/in my nightstand:
collections | on my nightstand
collections | on my nightstand
collections | on my nightstand
collections | on my nightstand

  • travel jewelry case by Fossil
  • eyeglass case and prescription glasses
  • mango and pomegranate body scrub by Dress Green
  • 3 Ace Bandage clips
  • red puppy iPhone case by kokopenguin


  • ceramic egg crates and earrings (most of which came from various Etsy sellers)
  • Life Magazine: 100 Places to See in Your Lifetime
  • mint & vanilla snow day body cream by Dress Green
  • bowl (that previously held all the crap in the right column!)
  • wine tasting menu from Corcoran Vineyards
  • earbuds
  • 2 business cards from our vacation at Luminhaus
  • earrings and necklace
  • business card from a jeweler who sized my finger a few years ago
  • ticket stub from Rachel Getting Married, which we saw in the theater 1/24/09 (and which I evidently saved for THREE years because the stub says RACHEL on it)
  • 2 swizzle sticks from the lounge on the 95th floor of John Hancock Center in Chicago
  • contact lens case
  • travel-sized lotion pilfered from a hotel
  • matchbox from 2941
  • 2 candy wrappers
  • rusty nail clippers
  • 3 Philipine coins, 1 U.S. penny, and 1 Canadian dime
  • a paperclip, a stamp, a sticker that says SQUEEZE ME
  • an unidentifiable half-disintegrated pill (Pepto?)
  • 3 Lifesavers and 1 Starlight Mint in various stages of melting
  • earplug case
  • a collection of buttons from clothes I probably no longer own
  • a tag cut out of a shirt
  • yellow zippered bag

  • iPad pillow stand by Dog Named Banjo (Isn't that the best shop name?!)
  • case for an old MP3 player
  • To Do list written on an index card
  • fuzzy aloe-infused socks
  • tag from a hot water bottle
  • receipt from Old Navy from May 2011
  • ceramic necklace by Kim Westad
  • 8 lip balms (1 Burt's Bees and 7 from various Etsy sellers)
  • 4 postcards from New River Gorge
  • colorful notepad
  • user's manual for my Nikon D7000
  • silver washi tape
  • sleeping mask (Never used this in my life and no idea where it came from! I think Larry got it on an international flight and it somehow migrated to my nightstand.)
  • tissues and modern tissue box cover by Yokomono Studio

PHOTO #4  

Doesn't everyone have 31 books on their nightstand?
Currently Reading: Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout.


Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Um, we are very different :) My nightstand that I built was too big - I didn't know what to put in/on it - so I just got rid of it and replaced it with a small wine crate. It has a vase with greenery, a coaster, a chapstick, and a book.

However, I give you mad props for the absolutely fabulous and gorgeous way in which you arranged everything for the photos! You make it look like art!

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Oh Jane, that is how I strive to be!

The problem with our bedroom is that it currently houses only 3 pieces of furniture: our bed and two nightstands. It was the lowest priority room for decorating/buying furniture, so a lot of stuff ends up on my nightstand that should probably go elsewhere if we had a dresser/shelves, etc.

Of course, it's obvious that I need to clean out my nightstand more often since there was an embarrassing amount of trash (melting candy, receipts, wrappers, pills, EW) stashed in there, too!

Oh, the book collection (Larry has just as many on his nightstand and our shelves in the library are also full) is the reason Larry and I switched to reading e-books last year! I love books, but they just take up too much space.

tessica said...

I did the same thing as Jane and switched to a super small bedside table (actually a plant stand for just one pot) and all it holds is my lamp, phone and a jewlery tree. But I have a stack of books that fits under it too!

Have you read Devil in the White City- I thought it was sooo good! and disliked that it was based off of true events (also Leonardo DiCaprio purchased the rights for it- not sure I would want to see that movie!)

Jay said...

my nightstand is tiny. it couldn't fit all of that. the collection of books makes me happy.

Michael - Innkeeper said...

oh dear. i'm officially in love with your 'collection photography.'

this is awesome. says so much about a person. love it.