Monday, January 23, 2012

around here: december + january

shark vs dummy
My blog has been pretty lame lately. Come to think of it, so have I.

Where did the last few months go? December was a blur and now January is almost over and I'm left with a feeling of WHA HAPPEN?!?! There's been a lot of movie watching, book reading, and puppy snuggling lately, but no weekend adventures, no changes to the routine. I'm in survival mode, hunkered down and trying to make it through winter. Yes, I'm in serious need of a vacation. And make it somewhere warm, please!

I was going through some random photos from the last few months that I never shared here as a reminder that the last few weeks did indeed happen and that there were moments of downtime that occurred in between the holidays.

In December and January, we...

greyhound dog

Loved twinkle lights:
red lights

Celebrated Christmas seven times:
me and dad
christmas 2011
larry and sheila
tuckered out

price tags
va and md

Played with balls:

Played with sharks:

Had a bit of snow:
ice on the roof

Messed up my desk:
desk mess

Hoarded stuffies:
stuffie hoarder

Ate deep dish potato gratin:
deep dish potato gratin

Bit the mail:
mail biter

Bit ice:
gravy likes ice

And yes, finally packed up Christmas:
christmas boxed up

And now time to move on. Time to break out the camera again, and the sketchbook. Time to make new things. Time to get moving, to accomplish things, to socialize.

(Time to get off my ass!)



Karin said...

I hear ya...December (and January) have been blurs to me too! Time needs to slooow down dang it! These are some great the potato gratin casserole, looks very yummy.

Oh, and I totally second the warm-weather vacation...get me to the Caribbean stat! :)

tessica said...

good golly those pictures were like eyeball food!
and I think it is that time of year where everything seems kind of ick!

Lauren Margaret said...

Yay, you shared your photos! December and January have been a big ol' blur for me too, and I definitely understand the "Whaaaa?" feeling. Good luck getting things back in motion - I hope it's good and fun and enjoyable :)

Sarah Rosemary said...

I love those pictures of the dogs! Oh, and that deep dish potato gratin? YES PLEASE! January and February tend to be bleh for me, so I am trying to fill my days with bright and fun stuff even if the weather is dreary.

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

I agree, Sarah - and February is actually my most hated month. The only thing it has going for it is that it is a short month (except this year we have an extra day of yucky February).

I totally recommend the potato gratin recipe - it's not difficult to make and the result is super impressive for company!