Friday, June 24, 2011

gravy vs. pig

Larry: "I bought these new *super-tough* dog toys. They're supposed to be *indestructible* with double layers of fabric and reinforced seams!"
(15 seconds pass)
Me: "Where did all that stuffing come from?"

gravy vs. pig

making a cloud
Me: "What are you doing, Gravy?"

making a cloud
Gravy: "I'm making a cloud, Mom."

making a cloud, now with more stink eye
< stink eye >

making a cloud

gravy vs. pig
Me: "Gravy, why did you rip that pig open?"  
Gravy: "I was looking for bacon, Mom. And also because it was fun."

gravy the pig killer

making a cloud
Gravy: "You're not the only artist around here, Mom. I call this piece Pig, Deconstructed. You could sell it on Etsy for twenty-five cents."

a pig and his innards
RIP Pig.


Juanita said...

The pig never stood a chance :-)

Sarah Rooftops said...

Oh dear! Poor pig! Gave me a good laugh on Saturday morning, though (I had to shield the screen from the cat; I don't want her getting ideas).

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

HAAAA, Sarah! I'm guessing a cat with such ideas of destruction could be very dangerous to have around the house!

Grace said...

Too flipping photo is Gravy just relaxing in the mess of pig innards...priceless!

Pickles and Dimes said...

Oh my! Gravy is the best! I love his stinkeye expression. :)