Sunday, December 9, 2012

random holiday update + GRUMP

Just wanted to take a quick weekend break from my Handmade Holiday posts, for a few December updates:

+ How is it December 9th already? I thought I was doing a good job of preparing for the holidays ahead of time this year and I'm already behind. I've only done about 10% of my Christmas shopping and our plans to finally buy our tree today were thwarted by rain.

+ I had a fabulous time vending at Richmond Craft Mafia's Handmade Holiday yesterday. Thanks to some amazing friends and blog readers who came out and introduced themselves, chatted with me, and supported Funnelcloud Studio. You all made my day! Thanks so much for the sweet comments!

+ I get lots of nice comments at art markets, but I get some downright hilarious ones, too. Had to share this one because once my eyeballs returned to their sockets, I couldn't stop laughing:

Elderly Lady: Why are the sperms swimming away from the egg?

(I'll never look at that print the same again!)

+ The second funniest conversation was with Larry:

Larry: Are teeth a thing?
Larry: I've seen a lot of pillows with TEETH ON THEM from other vendors. Are teeth a thing? You know, like moustaches? Are they trendy right now?
Larry: Ohhhhhhh!

What's next? T-shirts with ears on them? Will elbows be trendy next? Will big toes ever be cool? (I hope not! Ew!)

+ I was so exhausted, that I couldn't even muster up the energy to walk around the market and check out the other vendors! The past few weeks have been brutal. But I had a great time chatting with my friendly and talented vendor neighbors at the end of the show when things slowed down - check out Penny & Paul's fabulous crocheted hats and Happy Felties' felt creations.

+ Larry and I have been going out for daiquiris every night. Ok, I've been the one getting the daiquiris. Night-before-art-market daiquiris. Post-art-market daiquiris. I can't get enough. Shouldn't I be drinking hot chocolate or mulled cider or something wintery?

+ My last art market of 2012 is this coming Saturday, December 15th from 10-4 at Artisphere in Arlington. I'm really excited about this one for two reasons: 1. It's called GRUMP, and 2. It's local - after driving to Baltimore and Richmond for the past two weekends, it will be so nice to pop over to Rosslyn! Plus, the vendor list looks awesome! Hope to see you there.

That's all I've got, friends. Over and out.

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