Monday, December 10, 2012

handmade holiday | felt circles ornament

handmade holiday | felt circles ornament
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This simple and colorful felt circle ornament was one of my favorites that I made for last year's tree. The instructions are equally simple:

Materials | felt, thread, hemp twine
Equipment | scissors, needle

+ I suggest ordering wool-blend felt from American Felt and Craft instead of using the cheap felt from your local craft store. The colors and quality are so much better!
+ I traced a circle to create the middle circle and then freehand cut all the larger circles by cutting around the next smaller-sized circle and leaving an extra 1/4" on all sides.
+ The layers are held together by a few rows of handstitching. As you can see, mine is far from perfect.
+ The ornament is the same on the back as it is on the front. Towards the middle of the ornament I had to stitch through a dozen layers of felt - use a strong needle and some muscle!

handmade holiday | felt circles ornament

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