Friday, December 7, 2012

handmade holiday | yarn-wrapped cone trees

handmade holiday | yarn-wrapped cone trees
Handmade Holiday header
My obsession with making cone trees began in 2007 - back in the day before Pinterest existed and everyone had to come up with their own craft ideas. I was living in a crappy apartment and needed some cheap holiday decorations to cheer things up a bit. My pathetic Charlie Brown Christmas tree really wasn't cutting it that year, so I made a couple of button trees to adorn my equally pathetic coffee table. And every year since then, I've made more and more trees out of styrofoam and cardboard cones - some with felt, some with cardboard shingles, and small forest of these yarn-wrapped trees, which are the quickest and easiest of the bunch.
handmade holiday | yarn-wrapped cone trees
My collection-in-progress of cone trees - both finished and unfinished.

I kept these monochromatic - the shades of gray remind me of a cozy wool sweater. I made the solid colored ones a few years ago. I love graphic patterns, stripes, and black and white, so last night I whipped up the striped trees to give the collection a little more visual interest.

Also, holy crap, it's gettin' all Martha Stewart up in here. Someone find me a beer and my self-respect, stat!
handmade holiday | yarn-wrapped cone trees
Materials | styrofoam cone, yarn, glue
Equipment | scissors, straight pins

+ Some types of glue will cause styrofoam to dissolve. White glue works well for this project - I used my favorite glue (Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive) which is my preferred glue for all of my Handmade Holiday projects because it sticks to everything and dries quickly.
+ Wrap the yarn starting at the bottom of the cone, gluing as you go. Use ball-head straight pins to secure the yarn when you start. You can also use the pins as you wrap to keep the yarn in place while the glue dries.
handmade holiday | yarn-wrapped cone trees

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