Monday, August 6, 2012

things I love | summer

It's been way too long since my last Things I Love post. A few of my favorite things for Summer 2012:
2012 london olympics
I've been an Olympics freak since I was a child. I love everything about them - cheering on the home team (and the underdogs), the competition and suspense, the trivia and statistics, the human interest stories, all of it. For someone who has never been athletic and who doesn't watch much TV, I realize it is strange that I spend two weeks absolutely glued to the television. I remember my dad taping the 1992 Barcelona Olympics for me on VHS when I couldn't watch due to summer babysitting gigs. The 2008 Beijing Olympics happened a few weeks after Larry and I had moved into our house. We didn't own a nice TV, we didn't own much furniture, and we hadn't finished unpacking, but we spent those early days in our new house watching the Olympics on a TV with fuzzy reception that was perched on a cardboard box.

I started swimming laps for exercise this Spring and I love it! I'm not fast and my technique could probably use some serious work, but I get in the pool 2-3 times a week, swim for an hour, and feel freaking awesome afterwards. After reading this inspiring post by my friend Sarah about changing how you think about exercise, I stopped counting how many laps I swim, and just enjoy my time in the pool. For the first time in my life, exercise is actually fun. That Sarah knows what she is talking about - who cares how far/fast I swim, what matters to me is that I'm getting in the pool, swimming regularly, and enjoying it.
pineapple sangria
Oh, how I love sangria! I just can't seem to get enough this summer. The best I've ever had is the sangria at Alegria in Vienna - doesn't matter whether they have white or red on tap, both are delicious. I decided to switch it up this year and instead of making my tried and true White Peach Sangria, I made a batch of Pineapple Sangria (based on this recipe, but I used 4 times more coconut rum). Cheers!
cross-venulate earrings by Nervous System
Ok, I actually purchased these earrings from Nervous System last summer. But they quickly became a favorite and I've been wearing them almost every day since. The silver goes with everything, but the unique design dresses up any outfit.
I grew up without cable TV and had never watched HBO until Larry signed up for it last year to watch Game of Thrones. And boy, were my eyes opened up to a whole new world of television! Not only that, with our HBO subscription, I can watch any HBO show on my iPad through the HBO GO app. Love it.
Speaking of HBO, I've been watching Big Love on my iPad since December. I'm on the last season right now and have been limiting my viewing because I just don't want the series to end. I adore this show and while I can't imagine sharing a husband, I think I might like having a sister wife... (Especially Ginnifer Goodwin. She really could not be more adorable.)
homemade shrimp & grits
This recipe for Homemade Shrimp and Grits with Homemade Roasted Pecan Butter, Proscuitto, and Snap Peas is one of the best recipes we've ever made. Seriously outstanding. (If you make it, you will need twice as many ears of corn as the recipe called for though. And a dog to clean up the mess that resulted from grating corn by hand!)

Ok, I'm late to the party on this one, but The Horrible Crowes are a side project by Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem. I've had the song Ladykiller on repeat for the past two weeks.
my beloved maui jim sunglasses
I've probably had my beloved Maui Jim's for six years now, and even if they might be looking a little dated, I adore them. (The big Jackie O and aviator styles don't work for me anyway.) They're the best sunglasses I've ever owned and I have to say, completely worth the price tag. (When I first got contact lenses in my early twenties, I was excited to be able to buy cheap non-prescription sunglasses. Almost every pair I bought broke within a week and the lenses were cloudy and scratched easily. Expensive sunglasses are worth every penny and my world looks a little rosier through my Maui Jim's.)
fruit desserts
I love fresh fruit desserts in summer, and just because I was busy with art markets and didn't have a chance to go blueberry picking this summer, didn't mean I was going to let it keep me from baking up and then devouring both a blackberry buttermilk cake andblueberry cobbler. Perfect for dessert, perfect for breakfast the next day.
paper app + wacom bamboo stylus
I finally bought a stylus for my iPad and now I can draw quick digital sketches much more accurately than trying to draw with my finger. It still takes some practice, but right now I am loving the simplicity of the Paper app by 53. Above is a sketch of a cocktail table I hope to build. Also, stay tuned for many more crudely drawn comics on the blog...
D'oh! Why did it take me so many years to discover the magic of bronzer? I've been using Enchanting Sunlight by Maybelline all summer. Pale face be gone - now I can have sun-kissed skin without the UV rays and future wrinkles.
lindor truffles
Yes, I am a chocoholic and one treat I allow myself is an ounce of chocolate a day. My current obsession is a couple of Lindor Truffles chilled in the fridge and washed down with a cold glass of milk. Mmmmm!
Call me a nerd, but I LOVE documentaries, and now that the world of HBO GO is mine, I can learn about everything: history, medicine, art - I've watched documentaries on just about every subject.

It's no secret I'm a dog lover, so I adore Maddie on Things - an amazing blog featuring stunning photos by Theron Humphrey of his coonhound Maddie balanced on everything from a tortoise to a pile of suitcases to a basketball hoop to a telephone pole. Amazing photography, amazing dog.


Tessica Venteicher said...

I didn't start wearing bronzer until this summer either...I'm not sure how my pasty skin did without it before! Also, sangria...mmm!

Karin said...

I didn't think I wanted an iPad...until I saw this app! Great, now I want an iPad...just to use this sketching cool! You and I should meet at Alegria for a sangria, or you could meet me when I get off work at 8pm...since it's right downstairs from where I work. :)

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I'm with Karin -- I've been contemplating an iPad for some time, but now I really want one.

And have you been to Jazz at the Sculpture Garden on Fridays? They have pitchers of sangria there which I hear is pretty yummy...