Friday, August 10, 2012

pretty things by other artists

tea towels by Tiny Peepers
One of the most dangerous things about having the proceeds from my Etsy shop go into my Paypal account and vending at local art markets is the temptation to spend all my profits in the shops of other artists. There are just so many talented people out there who make such gorgeous things, and I want them all! (See the 50 PAGES of favorited items I have on Etsy - I need to win the lottery so I can spend it all on art and handmade goods!)

I haven't been blogging recaps of the markets I've been selling at as much any more - to tell the truth, I'm usually too busy at the markets to walk around taking pictures, and lugging my DSLR along with all my art and equipment is kind of a pain in the butt. But I wanted to share some of the pretty things I've purchased lately - some at local markets (where I was lucky enough to meet the artists in person) and a few online purchases, too. (Note: All the artwork featured here is the work of the artists I have linked to below the photos, and all the photos were taken by me, the happy new owner!)

First up - the goodies from Charm City Craft Mafia's Pile of Craft, where my shop was a vendor in June:
gnome by Tasha McKelvey
I adore this stoneware garden gnome from Richmond potter Tasha McKelvey. I quickly found a home for him tucked among the thyme sprigs in my herb garden.

tea towels by Tiny Peepers
I have a collection of fun tea towels, so I love the banjo and guitar tea towels by screen printer Kelly Smith-Tilly of Tiny Peepers. Larry spotted these and honestly, what could be more perfect for a couple of music lovers (with a dog named Banjo!) and an artist who loves screen printing? They're the perfect artwork for our kitchen and are almost too pretty to use! (We also got the silver camper tea towel.)

And I just noticed that she also has a fiddle tea towel (Perfect! Fun fact: I used to play the violin) and an airplane tea towel. (For some reason I love airplane imagery even though I'm afraid of tiny planes.)

Next up, a few things from Artscape, where I was a vendor in July:
print by Lennah Press
If You're Not Sweating, You're Not Living letterpress print by Virginia printmaker Deirdre of Lennah Press. I saw this during a quick jaunt around the Artscape campus and couldn't believe how true it was and how perfect it would be for Larry, my dear (sweaty) boyfriend! I didn't have a chance to go back to buy it at Artscape, but promptly ordered it from Etsy once I got home. Once Larry and I finally decide on some bedroom furniture, I can't wait to frame this and display it on his side of the bedroom. (And as soon as Deirdre prints an edition of You Will Have Your Cake and Eat It Too in either yellow or orange, I will definitely be ordering ASAP. YUM, caaaaaaake!)

international boozing t-shirt by ExBoyfriendd
International Boozing T-Shirt from Baltimore screen printer Matt Snow, owner of ExBoyfriend t-shirt shop. A guy came into my booth at Artscape wearing this t-shirt and Larry and I both commented on how awesome it was. He said that he had bought it from another Artscape vendor the day before, so Larry headed out to get one for himself. It's so clever and perfect for him.

And now for the most dangerous (to my wallet) category of handmade goods: jewelry. I'm fairly certain that ALL the jewelry I've purchased over the past five years has been handmade, with 99% of those purchases being from Etsy sellers. I just can't help myself:
earrings by Summerized
Mod Moire Pearl Earrings by Summer Powell of Summerized. Ok, I actually bought these through a Fab sale. I think Fab might be the most dangerous website on the internet and I actually prefer to purchase directly from artists because I know that selling through deal websites cuts into the artist's proceeds, but the Fab sale put these earrings within my budget, so I jumped. I've never seen anything like them and the packaging is fabulous.

necklace by Lanyapi
Golden Scalloped Necklace by DC jewelry maker Daisy McClellan of Lanyapi Designs. I've had my eye on this necklace (and a few others in her Etsy shop) forever and it's even more fabulous in real life. Plus, I was Lanyapi's 2,000th customer, so Daisy sent me a package chock full of bonus jewelry. Thanks, Daisy, and I hope to meet you in person at a local market soon!

earrings by Elisabeth Space
Gold Statement Earrings by Elisabeth Space. Over five years ago, one of my first Etsy purchases was these Flight Earrings by jewelry-maker Elisabeth Percival. They quickly became a favorite and I still wear them several times a week. I've loved Elisabeth's shop ever since and am so excited to own another pair of her earrings - which will coordinate perfectly with the Lanyapi Scalloped Necklace!

photo by The Paris Print Shop
Another Fab purchase: Regarde Le Ciel print by photographer Nichole Robertson of The Paris Print Shop and the Little Brown Pen blog. I love industrial art (graffiti on concrete!) and I love the message in this print (Look at the sky!). Can't wait to get it framed. Now should I hang it in our bedroom? The living room? My office? Decisions, decisions!

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