Friday, March 2, 2012

from when I was skinny and wore a leather jacket

I found this picture the other day. It was taken in 2003. I was 24 years old. I was skinny. I wore my beloved leather jacket everywhere, and evidently, boots with really high heels. I parted my hair in the middle. I did things like ride on the back of motorcycles.
me on a motorcycle, 2003
I don't even recognize this girl anymore. WTF happened?!


Lauren Margaret said...

Rachel! You used to ride on the back of a motorcycle!?!?! I'm stunned.

You are even cooler than I thought you were!

Love the leather jacket too :)

I know the feeling of looking at a picture of yourself and not really remembering who that person was.

The girl who still rides on the back of a motorcycle :)

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Ha, Lauren - it was a rare occurrence and I'm not that cool! But I evidently used to be a lot more fun when I was 24!

Amy --- Just A Titch said...

I ask myself this stuff all the time. Where did that hot, fun Amy go? Because I don't remember her. Even a little bit.

Michael - Innkeeper said...

this just made my day.