Wednesday, March 7, 2012

collections | cheese

collections | cheese
For today's collections photo, I thought it would be interesting to reveal the current contents of our cheese drawer. (It's kind of like peeking in someone's medicine cabinet, right? Actually, I've never looked in anyone's medicine cabinet. Also, I find cheese way more interesting than dusty pills and toothpaste!)

Hello, cheese:
in my cheese drawer
Needless to say, cheese is a staple in our diet. We typically have a mix of common grocery store cheeses such as cheddar/monterey jack/pepper jack (for egg sandwiches and tacos), fresh mozzarella (for pizza), and parmesan (for pasta), along with a couple of fancier cheeses from either Wegmans or Red White & Bleu. Once or twice a week, Larry and I will have a meal that consists entirely of olives, a hunk of cheese (typically a pungent bleu or something creamy and spreadable) on crackers or a baguette, and a couple glasses of wine.

The current line-up:
collections | cheese
(Also unearthed were a chunk of brie, an almost-empty package of goat cheese, and a piece of mystery cheese - all of which were furry, so they went in the trashcan instead of in my photo.)

Not pictured: Banjo's tongue.


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

You and I will get along just fine... I wish I had more reasons to keep lots of cheese around, but with just me, it's sometimes hard to make it through all the food I end up buying (seriously, I buy food as if I were having a dinner party every week).

Mike D. / Coffee in Bed said...

Hilarious...looks just like our cheese drawer. We also have dinners (several nights a week, eek) consisting of just fine cheese and wine. Maybe mix it up with some pate or charcuterie every now and then. I like to test myself with some gnarly/stinky cheese too. Best lately...a cheese from Earth Fare with espresso grounds on the bark. Yum!

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Mike - I'm so glad there are other people out there who agree that cheese & wine make a perfectly acceptable meal!

Karin said...

Can I live in your cheese drawer?! Ok, thanks! ;)