Friday, July 1, 2011

delectable june!

delectable june!
Whoah. June was a month full of celebrations, delicious food, and adventurous eating.

In June I tasted sweetbreads at VOLT and frog's legs at Central. Both were delicious. (Neither tasted like chicken.)

In June we had a cake with a Roman Candle in it. Awesome.

In addition to the delicious restaurant dining, we also made some killer recipes. These three are definitely going to be on our list of top recipes in 2011:
*I've never liked wings until recently (perhaps my problem is with buffalo sauce?), but now that I've discovered Korean Fried Wings and Spicy Apricot Wings, I've awakened my inner carnivore. Larry laughs and laughs as I morph into a voracious wing-eating animal vigorously ripping flesh with my teeth until there's nothing left but a pile of bones. I just can't help myself. GrrrROAR!

We also loved this Rhubarb and Raspberry Roly-Poly with Vanilla Custard Sauce. I just love the silly names the English give to their desserts. Just imagine Larry and I attempting a British accent while contemplating the invention of the roly-poly:

Larry: I know! We'll take a biscuit**, cover it with jaaaaaaaam, and then pour some custard on top!
Me: And we'll call it a Roly. Poly.

**The cake-like portion of the dessert tastes like an American biscuit, not an English biscuit (which is actually a cookie). Also, the Americanized version of this recipe uses butter instead of the traditional suet. Several reasons for this: 1) Who wants beef fat, or worse, mutton fat in their dessert?! (Answer: evidently the English) and 2) The only suet you can get in this country is covered with birdseed.

What we were eating and cooking this month: adventurous restaurant food and celebratory cakes, more strawberries, and flavorful and spicy meat.

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