Friday, July 29, 2011

bread of the month | grilled naan

grilled naan
So, this whole Bread of the Month thing isn't exactly happening every month. So much for resolutions.

When I resolved to bake a loaf a month, I was imagining that I'd be baking actual loaves - the type of bread that could be sliced for sandwiches or just eaten with dinner. Oddly enough, what I've actually made is buns, rolls, and flatbreads. This month was no different.

July's bread was naan - which, if you've ever eaten it in an Indian restaurant, is delicious. I was making a recipe for Tandoori Chicken Sandwiches (which was also delicious, especially the mint mayonnaise - and this is coming from someone who hates mayonnaise and also hates mint in savory foods. At least I thought I did. This combo slathered on the sandwiches was fantastic.) and reviewers suggested serving the sandwiches on naan instead of the sourdough called for in the recipe.

So I made a recipe for Grilled Naan that I found on Food & Wine. Despite the fact that my naan were quite oddly shaped ("shape them into a teardrop"? I don't think so!), they were good and they worked well for the sandwiches. And they work well for scooping up hummus, tapenade, or any other dip you have lying around. But were they as good as Indian restaurant naan? Sorry, but no. I think making naan is better left to the professionals!
tandoori chicken sandwiches on grilled naan


Sarah Rosemary said...

I have been meaning to try Naan. I love making bread, but it almost never turns out. Yet I keep trying! He he... I am thinking I will give this a whirl and report back. Can't be worse than my failed sourdough that Dan referred to as The Rock.

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Keep trying, Sarah! I love homemade bread, but it's such an effort to make it - it's not that it's difficult, it's just that I never plan ahead enough to allow time for all the risings, etc, and always seem to end up getting it into the oven at midnight!