Wednesday, July 20, 2011

dear brain, explain yourself...

Dreams I have had in the last month:
1. My house caught on fire and I was panicking and trying to rescue the dogs from the blaze.
2. I was in a skyscraper that was hit by a tornado. People were jumping off the roofs of neighboring buildings.
3. We got to our rental beach house and there was a deer and a grizzly bear inside. The owner of the house came and slaughtered the deer for dinner.
4. My mom was working at a health fair with Joey Lawrence.
(One of these is not like the others!)

WTF. How can the same brain that conjures up natural disasters in my sleep also insert teen stars from the 90s into my subconscious???

P.S. Whoa!

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Sarah Rooftops said...

Joey! Whoa!

Last night I dreamt that an old lady was dying my hair bright pink and blue. Um... what?