Wednesday, November 3, 2010

on-the-road october!

on-the-road october!
Just when I thought I couldn't eat any less healthily or do any less cooking than I did in September, I went and showed myself up with the month of October. My culinary explorations have really gone downhill since I tried 24 new recipes in July. I had to scrounge to get 12 food-related photos this month, and of the 12, the only home-cooked dishes were the mushroom quiche and the mac and cheese. The apple cake, though delicious, was made by my mother. The pumpkin was actually the makings of a jack-o-lantern (though I did roast and eat the pumpkin seeds the next day). And I have not one, but two, photos of cheap beer (camping necessities!).

I have a good reason for this lack of cooking though - ten days in an RV doesn't lead to culinary masterpieces. And I didn't even think to take photos of what we were eating on our adventure (besides the Spaghetti-Os on the RV stove), but it was simple and satisfying after long days of exploring the national parks out west with our best of friends. As for the rest of the month (not spent in an RV) - those days were spent preparing and recovering from the trip, so again, not a lot of homecooking going on. Oh well, there's always next month!

What we were eating and cooking this month: RV food - instant oatmeal and hot chocolate packets, meat on the grill, Spaghetti-Os, pink cookies, cereal bars, fruit, lunchmeat and cheese sandwiches. Navajo fry bread in Arizona. Fall food - kettle corn and corn dogs.

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