Tuesday, November 30, 2010

gratifying november!

gratifying november
I got back in the cooking saddle this month - not only did I try 12 new recipes in November (without cooking Thanksgiving dinner - my newly retired mother tackled the whole meal on her own), but I hit my 100th new recipe for the year. (Yes, I keep track. This should surprise no one, given my obsession with list-making!)

It appears it was another month of beige (and orange!) food, but what can I say - beige food can be delicious! Despite the seeming lack of green, we did eat a lot of vegetables this month - parsnips and carrots and peppers - and I tried a lot of vegetarian recipes from my Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health cookbook.

I was obsessed with making soups this month - mostly because I always seem to have problems making soup - I can't ever seem to find a good recipe.  The Curried Pepper Soup was good - but only when served over rice, and the Latin Corn Soup was foul, so I guess I'll keep looking.

What we were eating and cooking this month: preparing for winter with some one dish comfort foods - mushroom lasagna (which I actually posted on Vicious Dishes) and the beef pot pie that as mentioned before, was so delicious it appeared in my dreams. Vegetarian dishes - soups, pizza, and black bean confetti salad. Chicken Meatballs. Roasted pumpkin seeds. Larry was out of town so that meant making chocolate pudding from scratch (Larry doesn't like chocolate pudding and yes, I think that's weird). And although I didn't make it from scratch, I finally found a delicious grocery store olive hummus and have rekindled my love for my favorite snack - hummus and pita bread - I eat it on a near daily basis. And the grand finale - cheese-filled pumpkin bread - oh yes!

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