Wednesday, November 10, 2010

around here: november

Around here, we're finishing up roasted pumpkin seeds,
vanilla & cinnamon sugar roasted pumpkin seeds
and leftover Halloween candy.
halloween leftovers
Cooking by the light of a jack-o-lantern.
sous chefs
Eating comfort food (this beef pot pie from Food & Wine is seriously so delicious I had dreams about it),
beef pot pie with cheddar biscuits
and parsnips.
parsnip peelings
Enjoying the fireplace.
by the fire
Being lazy. (And warming our bellies.)
banjo warming his belly
Working on a new art series.
art in progress
love this line
art in progress
art in progress
Taking snack breaks.
snack break
pita and greek hummus
Spending time in my studio.
colorful sharpies
in my studio
stained glass in my studio
Loving my new tattoo sleeve shirt,
tattoo sleeve shirt
and embroidered belt,
embroidered belt
and of course, these guys:
if you don't feed us now, we will surely die
"What's this you say about the clocks falling back an hour?! If you don't feed us now, we we surely die!"
we died
"We died."


Jennifer said...

LOVE your pics. The food looks great, and the artwork- cannot WAIT to see it! Are you carving on Shina plywood?

Gravy and Banjo are beautiful, as always. :)


Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Thank you, thank you!

I'm actually just painting on maple artist's panels - taking a little break from printmaking these days.

the chirpy bird said...

Naww I love all of these pics! And there's something so fantastic about new Sharpies! Loving your blog!
xo tash

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Thanks so much, Tash!