Monday, September 10, 2012

collections | tiny toiletries

collections | samples
When I was a kid, I was entranced by the basket of mini shampoos and soaps that my grandparents kept in their bathroom at the bungalow at the Jersey Shore. My uncle worked for Marriott, so they had a never-ending supply of tiny toiletries at their disposal.

I recently relayed this story to Larry while laughing about the fact that I thought mini soaps were so awesome when I was five, and Larry said "I still think mini soaps and shampoos are awesome! Doesn't everyone?!" While I suspect Larry's affinity might be because he likes to pretend he's a giant while he's in the shower, I tend to agree - mini soaps are just plain cute, no matter what age you are.

Of course, I don't actively collect mini shampoos, but I recently realized that we have quite a stash of travel-sized toiletries - most of them grabbed from hotels, along with a few freebies and sample sizes from Sephora...
collections | samples
Looks like I'm going to have to go on a lot of vacations to use all these up!


Karin said...

Too funny, I'm just about to do a blog post on small things as well. I'm a big fan of small toiletries, I used to collect them...kinda still do. : )

Sarah said...

So cute! My Type-A personality loves seeing everything neatly lined up as well. :)

Unknown said...

Hello - my mini toiletries have to match, they have to have removable labels, and they have to be refillable!

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