Tuesday, September 2, 2014

postcard travel journals

postcard albums
Almost four years ago, I wrote a blog post about my lifelong postcard collection. A few weeks afterwards, I organized my postcards into albums, but true to disorganized Rachel form, I failed to post an update as to how I ended up organizing my collection. Today, my friend Sarah asked what kind of albums I use for my postcards since she wants to create an album for her four year old daughter, Anna, who has a growing collection of postcards. So I was spurred to action and I grabbed my camera and took some photos of my current albums.

What I wanted to share today was how I document our travels. While I have a compulsion to document the shit out of everything (much to Larry's annoyance), I am not at all interested in scrapbooking and post-sixth grade, I've never successfully kept a journal for more than a few days. My blog is definitely my most successful means of documenting my life. I am obsessed with photography and have a hard drive with probably a hundred thousand photos on it. I have the best intentions of creating albums for all the vacations that Larry and I have taken together, but making photo books is a somewhat gargantuan task. (Someday...)
postcard albums
I have, however, been writing postcards about all our travels since Larry and I took our first vacation together in St. Thomas in 2004. I've written a daily postcard for every vacation Larry and I have taken over the past ten years and now have amassed several volumes of travel journals - all written on the backs of postcards and stored in simple 4x6 albums.
postcard albums
I love this method - it's simple and doesn't take much time as your journal entry is limited to what you can fit on the back of a postcard. (I don't actually mail the postcards, so I can write two columns of text on each one.) It helps to write each night while our day's adventures are still fresh in my mind - and that way, I've still documented our vacation even if I don't get around to blogging about it until months later.
postcard albums
I have postcards from our adventures in national parks, road trips with friends, and our wedding in Hawaii. Here are the cards from our most recent trip to Wyoming a few weeks ago:
postcard albums
postcard albums
I created a simple title page for each book. The back of the title page is a map where I can write the dates we traveled to each location:
postcard albums
The goal here is to keep it simple or I'd never be able to keep up with this project. 4x6 postcards in 4x6 albums, done.
postcard albums
postcard albums
As for Sarah's question about the albums, I use 4x6 SEI Preservation Albums. I'm sure there are fancier albums out there (my choices were limited when I bought these four years ago), but I like these because unlike a lot of the mini albums that only hold 10-20 photos each, you can add extra plastic sleeves to these albums with SEI refills. (I have about 50 postcards per album.) These albums also allow the front and the back of the postcard to be visible and display only one postcard per page - both important criteria for making my album feel like a book and read like a page-a-day journal. They aren't fancy, but they do the trick and only cost a few bucks each at ShopSEI or Scrapbook.com.

I used the same method for organizing the postcards I've been collecting since childhood, starting with the first postcard I got from my dad in 1983:
postcard album
Now I've got my postcard collection organized and a nice little stack of memories to flip though.

And I'll be sure to send little Anna some more postcards for her collection, just as friends and family did for me when I was little.


wonderings said...

I adore this idea!

Irene Solmone said...

As usual, you come up with the greatest ideas. I have a problem too with journals, so I think I will try this thing, it sounds great. Thanks for the tip!

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Alison Leung said...

Hey! I love this idea! I've been looking for a clever postcard storing solution for a while. I have a whole bunch that I keep in shoeboxes. I try and send one to myself everywhere I go, but this is great too! I ended up ordering some of these albums and extra pockets but my problem now is the postcards that don't fit in these albums... I've got a good number of those as well over the years...

Imma Connie said...

hi, where can i purchase that postcard album like yours?

Krystal Loverin said...

This completely blows my mind, what an amazing job you've done at documenting your adventures. I'm green with envy and wish I could go back about 20 years and add in this habit. I'm an addicted scrapbooker and journaler but looking at this is so amazing. I'm going to do this for a six week hike that I'm taking with my daughter across Spain. I just ordered the albums and refills off SEI, I'm surprised they are still in business to be honest! Thanks so much for sharing.