Thursday, November 21, 2013

funnelcloud around the world

Sometimes really amazing things happen to Funnelcloud Studio. I never would have guessed that my art would end up in these locations around the world:

ONE | The other day, the president of Massachusetts-based Sundin, Inc. tweeted me a link to a blog post about their new conference room. They chose pieces for the room made by independent artists and furniture-makers, including a handmade reclaimed wood table and my Things That Are Awesome illustration. I LOVE when corporations support small businesses and I also love the non-corporate approach to the design of their meeting space. Wouldn't meetings be so much more fun if you were surrounded by interesting things to look at like artwork and suspended paper cranes?

Sundin, Inc. looks like a great place to work - well done and thank you! (Photo via Sundin, Inc.)

TWO | When the Surfcomber Miami-South Beach Hotel in Florida was being designed several years ago, the designer ordered 150 of my Embrace Messy Hair prints to display in the hotel. I never shared the photos of the prints on the wall in the hotel because I had to discontinue Embrace Messy Hair several years ago when the printing block finally wore out from over-use. (I still get e-mails and requests to print it, but sadly it just isn't possible.) But anyway, it's SO amazing to have my work on display in a hotel:

I hope to stay in this hotel in person one day...would it be weird if I requested to stay in the "Embrace Messy Hair" Room? (Photo via Surfcomber Miami-South Beach.)

THREE | This last one is a bit of surprise - I certainly never fancied myself a tattoo designer, but when U.K.-based tattoo artist Will Powell contacted me for permission to use my whale print as a tattoo, I said yes! Well, first I thought - HUH?! I was definitely blown away that someone wanted my design on THEIR SKIN, but the result is pretty freaking awesome:

I have to admit I was relieved that my whale ended up on this dude's calf and not as a tramp stamp - that would be awkward. (Photo via Will Powell/Indelible Tattoo Studio.)

So a big thanks to all the businesses, big and small, who have supported my small business. It's amazing to me that the work created in my tiny spare bedroom is now in corporate offices, hotels, and even walking around the streets of England!


Pickles and Dimes said...

These are all so awesome! Congratulations! That whale tattoo looks really, really cool.

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

This is totally rad. Way to go!