Wednesday, September 5, 2012

coming soon: 2hands indie craft market

At the beginning of 2011, when Funnelcloud Studio was still in its infancy, I set a goal to sell at an art market at some point during the year. I ended up blowing that goal out of the water and was a vendor at four markets last year. The first few had me wondering if it was something I wanted to pursue (there were growing pains and a lot of lessons to be learned), but by the end of the year I had been bitten by the art market bug. I found that my shop could be successful at the right markets and that I could have a good time selling at them, too.

This year, I decided to double last year's schedule and I set a goal to sell at eight art markets in 2012.

The number of art markets my shop vends at is a bit out of my control. There is a lot of competition to get into them, so I just have to fill out the application, submit my best work, cross my fingers, and hope that my shop is accepted. Anyway, I'm delighted to announce that I just put art market #8 on the calendar! With four months left in the year, I haven't even begun to apply to holiday markets yet, so hopefully, my schedule will grow. And I've actually been accepted to a few others that I had to turn down in order to keep my schedule reasonable (and me from turning into a ball of stress!).

So here's #8:

November 3 - 2Hands Indie Craft Market (Severna Park, MD)

I'm really excited about this one since it is in an area I've never vended in before. So if you're in the Annapolis/Severna Park/Glen Burnie area, come on by and say hi.

And if you're in Virginia/DC, I've still got two local shows coming up in October - check 'em out on my Upcoming Shows page.

Thanks so much for the support, friends! xo


smstokesbury said...

Congrats Rachel! That's so exciting :) I really hope one of these years a trip home for me will coincide with an art market you're vending at. I would LOVE to see your set up in person and knock out all my Christmas gifts all in one go!

Amber said...

I'm so happy for you! And why are all the damn craft markets on Saturday? You know I have weddings on all these days... :)