Friday, April 13, 2012

13 things you might not know about me

Me, rowing, age 17 (1996)

In honor of Friday the 13th - 13 strange-but-true facts about me:

 1.  I was a rower in high school.
 2.  I bite ice cream. (According my friends this is weird, disturbing, and makes their teeth hurt.
     "Arrrghhhh! I can't watch!" According to my family this is normal. We all do it. CHOMP!)
 3.  I lose my lens cap at least 10 times a day.
 4.  I've never ridden a roller coaster. I've never been to an amusement park, either.
 5.  I take my right contact lens out with my right hand and my left contact lens out with my left hand.
 6.  I don't like abbreviations. I spell things out whenever possible. I'm being forced to change my
      ways due to Twitter.
 7.  Number of cups of coffee I've consumed in my lifetime: 0. (I just don't like the taste.)
 8.  I also don't drink soda. (Again, I just don't like the taste.)
 9.  I only write with Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine Rolling Ball Pens.
10. I don't like to touch human hair. (Exceptions: baby hair and Larry's hair.)
11. I used to do 1,000 sit-ups a day in high school. (Number I do now: 0)
12. I like the way my dogs smell. (Not their butts or their breath, just their slight musky smell.)
13. When I microwave something, I always set the time for 33 seconds or 55 seconds instead of 30 seconds
      or a minute. (I once read an article that listed this technique as a time saver, and while I know the fraction
      of a second that this saves is ridiculous, I can't seem to stop doing it.)


Marcel said...

I used to do the situp thing too and well you know about the rowing. Awesome pic btw!

I microwave everything for 2 seconds more than required.

I prefer to write in mechanical pencils but only metal heavy weighted mechanical pencil.

I also wash my face every day no matter how sick, hung over, -- I haven't gone to bed without taking my contacts out (both with my right hand, thank you :-P) brushing my teeth and washing my face for years. OCD much? Probably. :-)

I should do a list like this (which would involve also actually having a blog lol)

Karen Travels said...

Hahaha, great list!!!