Monday, October 4, 2010

sketchbook: house sketches

I've recently started keeping a sketchbook again. I know - pathetic - what kind of artist doesn't keep a sketchbook? I was diligent about keeping a sketchbook in college and used to fill three books a semester. After graduation, I fell out of the habit - for some reason it was too much pressure. Sure, I had dozens of sketchbooks lying around - but I ended up using them as a place to jot my many To Do lists. And my sketches - ended up on little scraps of paper, index cards, etc.

It feels so much better to have all my sketches back in one place now - and it really is encouraging me to draw more. Oddly enough, most of my sketches seem to be architectural - this book is getting filled up with ideas for decorating our house and other little home improvement projects. Even when I'm trying to focus on my art, I guess I can't deny my education and training as an architect!

It will be interesting to see if these home projects ever come to fruition...and if they end up resembling my sketches. I'm putting myself on the hook for accomplishing some of these:

DIY music poster for the Library (these aren't the lyrics I'd use - I just happened to be listening to this song while I was sketching):
house sketches - library poster
house sketches - back yard
Mudroom converted into Pantry:
house sketches - pantry
Dining Room and current (green) Studio:
house sketches - dining & studio
New (red + gray) Studio (Larry is not going to be happy when he hears I want to repaint this room):
house sketches - new studio
house sketches - new studio


AndiMae said...

What beautiful sketches! I especially love the backyard + pantry ones. So so lovely!

And thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog!

Jennifer said...

Your sketchbook is so BEAUTIFUL and NEAT!!!!

More, more! :)


Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Andi - Thanks so much!

Jen - Thank you! You know, I always used to be way too nervous about ever sharing my sketchbook with anyone - it's just so personal! But I'm trying to be more open about it, and, believe it or not messy! (My sketchbooks in college were borderline OCD they were so neat - not a good trait for an artist - or architect!)