Wednesday, October 6, 2010

eat more cheese, and other assvice...

lino printsRecently, whenever I feel unmotivated, little inspirational phrases have been popping into my head. I've been jotting them down in my sketchbook...things like:

"Do Something Amazing!"
"Change Your Life Everyday!"
"Wake Up and Make Every Day Count!"

And yes, it's so corny, I want to punch myself in the brain. I mean, seriously, am I becoming a self-help book? Is my sketchbook starting to resemble a collection of motivational posters? (I want to rip those things off the wall whenever I see them in offices. I was in an orthopedic practice last week and they actually had one that included a picture of tree trunks with the word STRENGTH underneath. Really?!)

So anyway, the inspirational phrases popping into my cheesy...

Wait a second...cheese?! Now there's some motivation! More cheese makes everything better! Who doesn't like cheese?! (No one! Except, maybe for vegans. Their loss - I couldn't live without cheese!)

So there was my inspiration for my new lino prints. Do Something Amazing - EAT MORE CHEESE! Change Your Life Everyday - EAT MORE CHEESE! Wake Up and Make Every Day Count - EAT MORE CHEESE!
eat more cheese
eat more cheese
I had been wanting to make some small, under $5 lino prints on chipboard - and I'm very attracted to using text as a graphic. I love the way these turned out - simple, bold, colorful, no-fuss art that could be tacked up on a bulletin board, stuck to your fridge, or propped up on your windowsill or desk.
lino prints
The second print embraces my new philosophy on hair styling - leave it messy. Bedhead? Cowlick? Unruly curls? Yes, please! Seriously, I have what has been deemed "difficult hair" (by both me and any professional trying to cut/style it) - it's curly and thick and does what it pleases. So be it. I've wasted way too many hours of my life trying to straighten it, tame it, and get it under control - no more!
embrace messy hair
embrace messy hair
And here's a behind the scenes look at me standing on a chair over my dining table to photograph the prints:
lino prints on my dining table
EAT MORE CHEESE and EMBRACE MESSY HAIR are available for sale in my shop - and they ship free when purchased with another item! 


shellie said...

These look great! I hope you sell a ton!

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Thanks so much, Shellie!

Jennifer said...

Lovely! :)