Tuesday, August 3, 2010

life list #59: see willie nelson in concert

#59 off the Life List: Check!

I've been wanting to see Willie Nelson in concert since I was a little kid. My mother listened to him, yes, but the real reason I idolized Willie (no, not because of the pot smoking or tax evasion): he wore his hair the same way I did AND HE WAS A BOY!

Unfortunately, Willie chopped his trademark braids just a few weeks before I finally saw him at Wolf Trap, but no matter, he still sounded good.
IMG_2248 E crop
Also, if you haven't seen this music video of Willie singing Shoeshine Man, it's a must watch. Willie made the video himself (looks like he did it on his Mac using PhotoBooth) and it's hysterical. Watch the whole thing - can't miss him eating a banana, riding the roller coaster - even the credits are hilarious.

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