Sunday, August 1, 2010

hipstamatic DC

It's no secret that my favorite iphone apps are the popular Hipstamatic and the Tilt-Shift Generator. Last night, Larry and I went into DC to celebrate a friend's birthday at Little Miss Whiskey's. I documented the expedition using the Hipstamatic app and I love the creepy effect in all the photos - almost looks like a scene out of Jack the Ripper - which is kind of perfect because the the bar was very cool and a little creepy - very goth meets New Orleans. Gothic chandeliers, purple flocked wallpaper, fleur-de-lis everywhere, and some awesome framed music posters (which was right up our alley since we collect them.)

The journey began at the East Falls Church metro:
IMG_2162 E
IMG_2164 E
Little Miss Whiskey's on H Street NE:
IMG_2170 E
And about an hour spent standing on the street afterwards, Larry desperately searching for a cab, and me amusing myself with my iphone:
IMG_2178 E
IMG_2184 E
IMG_2177 E
IMG_2192 E

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