Monday, February 6, 2017

new mexico in 1 second everyday

In November, Larry and I spent a week in New Mexico. I decided to try documenting the trip with short video clips using the 1 Second Everyday app. (I also took thousands of photos on my Nikon, but per usual, those will take me months/years to sort through, edit, and post.) While it took a little time to arrange the video clips in the app, it was still a pretty quick process, and I filmed and arranged the whole thing on my phone! It was near instant gratification, and it's pretty cool to be able to watch a 3 minute video summary of our trip. I got a new phone a few weeks after we got back, and was just able to retrieve the video from my old phone the other day. I had intended to do a few more edits (eliminate some of the more awkward clips, create a better intro/ending), but these little things are usually what keep me from ever completing a project, and since it was 99% done, I just decided to go with what I already had.

A few comments on the 1 Second Everyday app: 
+ I really wish there was the option of using longer clips (maybe up to 5 seconds?). I realize the point of the app is to use quick clips, but the 1 second clips make me a bit dizzy, plus you can't film a conversation.
+ I wish there was a way to turn off the date that appears in the bottom left corner. It makes sense if you're making a year long video, but not so much if you're making the video about one event/trip. And if you edit a video clip on your phone (like if it is rotated the wrong way), the date that shows up on the video is the date that you edited the video, not that date that you filmed it, which is why some of the dates on my video seem like they're out of order.

And yes, I know we are huge dorks on camera (and off camera, too). My video skills aren't that good, and neither of us know how to act natural when we're being filmed, hence all the awkward waves and funny faces.

Still, it was a fun little project, and more importantly, one that I actually finished! I hope to make more of these in 2017.


little green field book said...

I made a 1SE video for our first year in Korea, filming practically every single day. It's super boring. And then when I tried to DL the movie, it crashed my phone. So last year I didn't use it at all. But maybe I'll try it out for shorter periods of time (wasn't an option 2 yrs ago). I like the idea of it (and love your video!), just needs fine tuning.

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Aww man, that is such a bummer, Veronika! I had heard people complain about issues with 1SE and recommended DLing every week/month and then mashing all the clips together later - I guess that's why? I didn't run into any trouble since I made the video in one day. (If I did a whole year, my vid would just be the dogs sleeping and me wearing pajama pants.) But yeah, the app definitely needs some fine tuning. I actually only bought it because it said you could use different length clips (I was interested in longer than 1 sec), which was false advertising because you can only choose between 1 sec or 1.5 seconds (WTF - gee, thanks for the extra half second!) But I do really like having this video to document our trip - it's amazing how much you get out of video vs photos, and it definitely was a quicker project than editing all the pics I took. Now I wish I had one for every trip!

little green field book said...

I actually did mash the videos into shorter segments as the year progressed but as I can barely edit simple photos, I was hoping to be able to click a button and have it be done for me so I didn't have to edit anything. Bleh. Defeats the purpose. Just work stupid app.

I revisted some old videos and more I remember what I disliked 2 years ago. There were days when I had a lot happen - like a trip - but could only select 1 second of that day. Any many many MANY days of cat videos. It didn’t really feel like I accurately captured the year in many ways, and I remember wishing that the calendar was more flexible. Now it looks like there's something called "free style" where you can go over 1-1.5sec, and don't have to adhere to a timeline? Maybe I'll try compiling freestyle videos this year.

I agree, the timestamp has got to go. Or just make it an option to turn on/off. Its not 1991.

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Yes, the freestyle option is what I used to make this video. You can use as many clips from a single day as you want and put them in whatever order you want. However, the max length per clip is 1.5 seconds, which is so frustrating! I hope they change that soon.

I definitely want to make more of these for our trips, and I think a day in the life video would be pretty fun, too.

little green field book said...

Oh really? Huh. So when it says "Turn your favorite moments into meaningful movies. Unlimited seconds per day, in any order." It means each clip is still 1-1.5 seconds, just that you can have unlimited 1sec clips in a given day? That's pretty lame. Can you just make a clip longer my importing several 1secs back to back? It would be choppy but at least it's an option?

I might try fiddling with it this weekend. I tried re-downloading my 2015 video again on a different device and after ONE HOUR it finally worked! Yessss! Funny to watch after a year. Lots of cat videos for sure.

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

YES. That's why I was confused and I think it's misleading wording! I read the "unlimited seconds" as you could use a clip that was 5 or 10 or whatever seconds, but it really meant that the length of the total video per day is unlimited. LAME. (Unless they've changed it since November because I haven't used it since then. But that was the exact language that tripped me up and confused the f*** out of me when I spent over an hour trying to figure out how to get a clip longer than 1.5 seconds.)

You can put several clips back to back, but it's choppy no matter how careful you are. I did it a few times in my video ("another day" "another enchilada" are two clips), but it doesn't work well enough to piece together an action scene or conversation.

Frustrations aside, you should upload your vid, or try making one for your next trip!