Friday, July 15, 2016

the headless squirrel

the headless squirrel

Another day, another dead animal in the backyard, another haiku (or six). What luck that decapitation has five syllables!

More backyard drama:
Banjo has a bloody beard.
A headless squirrel.

Just another day 
in the Smoellke backyard. The
body count is high.

Two dogs, one body.
At least it wasn't a fox.
Stop killing things, jerks!

Another squirrel.
And what happened to its head?

"The head is torn off!"
Larry investigated.
"Want to see a pic?"

Yummy squirrel brains.
A backyard delicacy.
Banjo licks his chops.


Larry said...

Chomp chomp lick lick lick.
Furry blood on a dog's tongue.
Squirrel faces are great!

Larry said...

I hope my one syllable use of "squirrel" is allowed by the judges.

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Furry blood or bloody fur?

I think you have to spell it 'skwerl', if you want one syllable! ;)

Larry said...

furry blood = blood with fur in it.